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Awkwardness, rudeness and moodiness are stereotypes which are used to represent teenagers. In his novel "Locke Leonard the Human Torpedo', Tim Wanton explores the emotional development of teenagers. In the novel he represents teenagers as reckless. This is achieved through Locale's inappropriate actions, rude behavior and his bad language. The novel displays teenagers as reckless through their inappropriate behavior.

In the chapter 'Getting Serious' Locke and Vicki are alone in her house and they engage n sexual activities disregarding the possible consequences. This is also shown later on in the book in the chapter 'Ocean Beach' where they again act without thinking. The two chapters give the reader a clear example that teenagers can be reckless due to their inappropriate behavior. At school Locke displays rude behavior towards his teachers.

In the chapter 'Everybody's Favorite Spread' Locke is in class studying his least favorite subject, Math, and is rude to his teacher by omitting to call him sir (pap-18). Also in the chapter 'True Torpedoing' Locke is in his woodwork class and once again displays dude behavior and insolence to his teacher by suggesting that the teacher 'does his block (pap-31). This insulting comment could enrage an already hostile teacher even more and is therefore reckless.

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In the first two weeks Locke has already acquired a bad reputation for himself. Locale's rude behavior is very risky. Teenagers are represented as reckless due to their use of inappropriate or bad language. Locke has been influenced to use bad language after reading a book about sexual development. In the chapter 'Everyone's Favorite Spread' Locke is being bullied. Whilst being bullied he retaliates by calling them 'a bunch of yellow vulvas! (pap), which might provoke them to attack him, rather than trying to calm them down, which would be more sensible. Locale's use of language clearly represents teens as reckless. In this novel Tim Wanton represents teenagers as reckless because of their inappropriate actions, rude behavior and bad language. He has focused on emotional development in adolescents. While this is only one aspect of the challenges faced by teens, the author has represented common stereotypes in characters and their actions to describe teenagers.

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