Aid to Dependent Corporations-The Big Rip-Off

Last Updated: 02 Aug 2020
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This article displays the double standard that the United States government lives by. Multi-billion dollar companies are given the world for free and the taxpayers pick up the bill.

I cannot even believe my eyes. I knew that our government was screwed up, but I had no clue how bad things really were. I will list the most appalling infractions below and give a brief commentary.

First, Mr. J.R. Simplot of Grandview, Idaho is handed grazing rights on federal lands for a whopping sum

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of $87,000 dollars. This is one quarter of the rate charged by private landowners. Lets line up the private business sector and chop off their collective legs. The difference between the going rate and what he paid would have covered the welfare costs for 60 families. What is wrong with this picture?

Second, the Federal Office of Management and budget, (OMB) estimates that "wealthfare" tax credits, deductions, and exemptions called "tax expenditures" will cost $440 billion dollars in 1996. Does anyone remember the national debt? Imagine even cutting the breaks in half, that would be an extra $220 billion dollars that could actually pay for a decent computer in my children"s classroom. What a novel idea. How about giving some of this free money to build safe, subsidized housing for single women? Not every company in the United States can move to Mexico if they feel that they are not getting the monetary breaks they deserve.

Lastly, lets look at McSubsidies. I have never read something more absurd in my life. $110 million dollars a year goes directly to companies that advertise abroad. Such recipients of this money are Sunkist, McDonalds, and M+M/Mars. Well I guess the government wants the rest of the world to get indigestion from eating chicken McNuggets too. After all, if they give perks for foreign advertising, some poor guy in Europe may eat some McNuggets. But I doubt it. This is a complete joke.

I may never have disagreed with something more in my life. Major monetary breaks for billion dollar companies, free millions for advertising McMuffins in New Zealand, and tax breaks for the rich when our city streets are filled with homeless families.

I can understand some consideration given to companies that are helping to substantially fuel our economy, But charismatic Mr. Simplot does not deserve to be using federal land (that was probably stolen from the Indian s anyway) for nothing in return.

I find it very entertaining seeing politicians saying, "We must reduce the deficit. Taxes may be raised again." when they could actually charge appropriate prices for services rendered by our great country. I hope our next article is more positive and uplifting. It sure would be nice to read about some good happening in the world.

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