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People Are Becoming Overly Dependent on Technology

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Dustan Clinton English 1301 Doctor Nellis 15 April 2013 People have become overly dependent on Technology Some people would say all the great inventions and updates on technology have made this world a better place. It has not! This world has become overly dependent on technology, because of the fact; jobs requirements have changed, laziness has prevailed and people are just commonly fascinated in all that has been created in today’s world that makes that one task little bit easier by the push of a button.

Society is pushed in learning new technology to keep their jobs. Men and women that are in there mid range of age in life having been working for that certain career that now allows a machine or knowledge of a device to run it. The newer generation will not know what it is like to actually build with their hands, and will be lost if the device was to break. Certain industries have to have parts quality inspected and be checked by hands. Now they have machines to do it.

Our military relies on advanced technology to protect or national security, knowing that’s not the only way to protect. Laziness is part of people becoming overly dependent on technology in today’s society. Everyday ordinary people are using the latest technology to make life just a little easier. Take cell phones added with high speed internet. People can deposit checks, make credit card payments, and pay utility bills, just from a few touches of some buttons on their phones. People are using emails instead of writing letters and postage stamps.

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Cell phones and similar devices are allowing access to web sites like face book and twitter that allow family and friends to stay connected instead of actually using their phone to make a call. Some kids are growing up not knowing how to even use certain kitchen appliances, such as cheese grader, potato peeler, or can opener. Almost all foods are being made where anyone is able to throw in the microwave and have a full meal. Younger generations don’t know what home cooked meals are using grills really is because you can ave full four course meal out of the little box in the corner of the kitchen that cooks for you. House hold chores have even become easier with electric appliances. Dish washers, washing machines, clothes driers, robotic floor sweepers; have made people lazy because they have become overly dependent on today’s technology. People are so fascinated with today’s technology it has caused society to become overly dependent on it. Gaming systems for kids have become so high tech. it is causing them to become addicted, and keeping them from wondering outside and seeing the nature side of life.

The systems are filled with intense graphics and connect to high speed internet so kids and young adults can game with the other side of the world. That is fascinating and it also causes kids to be overly fascinated in this technology. Society use to go to the store to rent movies and but cds’, now they just get on their computers and find a web site to download them. Downloading capability has multiplied 100 percent over the past ten years. It fascinates people just to be able to sit at home and get all the music, or watch any movie they want right there at their finger tips.

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