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Advantages of buying a casket now

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Death is perhaps the most feared topics of all that people can talk about. Its not that by avoiding it we will thus not die, but most people are superstitious about it and think that by avoiding discussing it then they are driving themselves away from it as possible.

The issue goes beyond discussing death and includes preparing for it. Human culture in most societies has it that death is an issue best left to some supreme unknown powers and forces, and any behavior or actions that contravenes this acts in inviting death.

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Rimpoche (2001) states that the best way to prepare for death in our lifetime is by living life and practicing the vices of life such as patience, love and compassion. It is therefore indispensable to ignore death and considering preparation for its occurrence is as important as living life.

Considering preparing for death as building a solid foundation for your death, planning for death today is one of the most important investments one can accord himself. One of the major steps towards this preparation is buying a casket today.

Buying a casket today has a lot of advantages that can be foregone if this simple decision is left for another day. Buying a casket involves making choices that depend most on one’s tastes and preferences on such factors as the casket’s color, design and other personal factors. One of the advantages of buying a casket now is to avoid the last minute purchase which is usually influenced by grieving.

Most decisions about funeral purchases are made by people when grieving. This affects their choice and in the end what is picked up may not be the ideal casket one would want to be buried in. Further more, purchasing a casket during the grieving period is hindered by time constraints and inadequate variety to choose from.

Another factor to consider is that funeral service providers make things expensive just when they know you need them the most and you have very little in terms of choice and options.

This can be avoided if the purchase is done well before that time comes and that time is now. This is an issue of saving money and is therefore an advantage worth considering. Saving money on the casket can also be achieved by making the choice to purchase the casket now.

This is because the purchase will be able to be done from a store of your choice and discounting be discussed. It will also be a big relief to family members or friends who would have to take up the task of finding a casket for you. Every person knows their choice and preference and being able to exercise this is usually given high respect.

Having somebody else pick out your casket may be a big task to him, not knowing whether you will be truly happy with the casket or not. Buying the casket yourself today will help in avoiding this situation and at the same time allow one to pick a casket of their choice.

The choice for one’s casket is can be done today and the advantages of doing so today are much more than those of postponing the task. Prices for most commodities never go down but keep on going up instead. Buying a casket of your choice today can help avoid future expectations in price increases of caskets. It is also an advisable consideration when one wants to make all the preparations concerning their after life.

People always make preparations for all events in their lives and so preparing for their death is not a different matter. It is just a phase of life, just like wedding is, and the advantages one derives from buying their wedding gowns way before the wedding day comes are more or less similar to the advantages one would reap from buying their casket today, way before their burial day arrives.

People need to realize these benefits and change their casket purchasing habits and plans to save on a lot of costs that would be unavoidable if done otherwise.

The place one will lie after their death is as important as the bed they lie today, and just as much as a person loves a certain bed, that it the same way one should love the casket they will lie in. Loving the casket begins with buying it now, for that will ensure you will use a casket of your choice, not an imposed one.


Rimpoche, G., (2001). Good life, good death. New York, U.S.A; Riverhead Books.


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