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On-line paper assistance services are a fast growing kind of business. When we browse the internet, a large number of sites are available in giving paper assistance services. This kind of business saturated the internet. These sites earn a great amount of money everyday and they continue to grow and reproduce in number. This has been one of the most serious issues that schools all over world are dealing. They deem that this kind of business is unethical and immoral.

The academic world views this kind of business as a business that teaches the students to be dishonest and lazy in their academic performance instead of teaching them to be responsible and hard working for the attainment of their academic advancement. Indeed, most people view this business as an academic disease. This is a disease that slowly eats the integrity of the academic world and slowly erodes its ethical status, a disease that is very hard to battle. Most students nowadays are fond of ordering papers from the said businesses above.

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Students just visit sites and after a moment, their term papers are ready for submission. Instead of making their own paper, they would rather opt to order and buy a paper made by these sites in the internet because of the promise of getting a high standard that will result to goods for the students. Students don’t work hard and sweat anymore for their papers. Given the situation in today’s academic world, a question arises. Is it ethical to buy terms papers? This paper is a position paper regarding the posed question.

The position of the writer is “There’s nothing wrong in buying term papers’. This paper will provide arguments regarding the claim and hopefully make the academic world view term papers’ buying as not a wrong act but rather an act of helping students achieve their dreams of a better and fulfilling life in the future. REASONS FOR THE CLAIM There’s nothing wrong in buying term papers in paper assistance businesses. This claim comes from the reason that this kind of business helps a lot of people achieve their dreams of a better life.

This macro-level reason for the position will be backed up by three sub- reasons. First, students can save time in buying term papers and the saved time can be used in working in order to earn. Second, an academically poor student does not necessarily mean a poor employee in the future. Third, the assistance students get from paper assistance sites will most probably give them high grades which are vital in their employment application in the future. It is of a great fact that many students are not full-time students. Many students are also working to help support their own education.

A lot of families are in financial crisis all over the world. Students’ as also workers give great relief to their families in terms of being able to find means to support their studies. In ordering term papers, students can save time and effort in making it themselves. After ordering, the student will just wait for the order to arrive. The trade in of costs of payment to sites where they order and the cost of students’ potential income as working is beneficial to the students. This statement will be further discussed below.

Let us try to examine a baby- sitting job. A baby sitter earns $7 an hour. A student will spend time writing a 5- page paper for 10 hours including research of the topic. Ten hours is already a significant amount of time. A paper assistance business will probably charge their clients at an average of $8 per page. A 5-page paper will then cost $40. The income of an 8 hour work by a baby sitter is $ 56. In this situation, the benefit that a working student will get from ordering a term paper is $16 in quantity. $16 then is of big help in support for his daily needs.

In the situation above, not only the student benefits from the income he gets but also it lightens the load of his parents in supporting his studies. This is a manifestation of a good son or daughter to his parents. The opportunity from saving time gives a student the means to continue his education and achieve his goal of graduating. The student will benefit financially from ordering a term paper and the financial benefit will be vital for his education and his life in general. An academically poor student does not necessarily mean a poor employee in the future.

Many employees achieved the top in a certain company or organization without a very good college grades record to show. They just achieved their success by working hard and never ceasing the determination to succeed. Achieving success in working careers does not reside in having high grades in college but in the determination of the person to be on top of the company or organization, to be successful. Determination is the biggest element of success. To say that a student who is poor in academic performance will become poor in his performance as an employee is a fallacy.

Many teachers are caught up with looking at the academic performance of their students instead of looking at the attitude of perseverance and determination. Ordering a term paper will help poor academic performers have good grades. Having good grades will make them graduate and will give them an opportunity to be employed. Being an employee does not mean writing term papers again. Let’s try to look at one example. A teacher in philosophy advised his students to make a term paper regarding Plato’s definition of love.

In an employee’s life, there can be no way that he can ever put Plato’s love in the context of the organization he is working and to the nature of his job. What is needed for an employee is not how wide is his understanding on Plato’s philosophy but on his performance in the nature of his job or career. Only if a student will become a teacher himself that he needs that kind of knowledge to be applied. Most people are caught up with grades as the basis for judging the capacity of a person. Ordering terms papers which has the high possibility of having good grades will then be a way of a student to have good grades.

Having good grades will produce a big possibility of good employment. A good employment status is what most or perhaps all people aim in life. Therefore, ordering term papers can help the students to get high grades and have a good employment in the future. There is nothing wrong ordering term papers. In the discussion above, ordering term papers only becomes an avenue for a lot of good opportunities and benefits. The act of ordering is a great means in achieving the dream of most people to graduate in college.

The end in this situation is of good side. These businesses are means in making people achieve their dreams. This act is so vital in people’s lives that it must not be condemned and looked upon as unethical and immoral, rather, this kind of act must be looked upon as essential to many people’s lives. In helping people achieve their dreams, another good thing will be given birth. The family of the students will benefit from the success of their sons and daughters. Finding a good job for the students would mean earning a significant amount of money.

Earning a significant amount of money would then give an employee a capacity of not only supporting himself but also in giving help to his parents. This is the aspect of life that people must look upon, the aspect of life that entails responsibility of a son to his parents, an aspect of life that is essential. Another good situation that will arise by benefiting from ordered term papers is the situation of giving the next generations a good life. Every student that became an employee will have his own family in the future. In having his own family in the future, he will surely raise children.

These children need a good life for them to grow in a good environment. The ability of the children’s parents to give them a good life comes from good employment. Good employment comes from good grades in college and good grades in college come from ordered term papers. The discussed reasons above are the one’s giving grounds to the claim that there’s nothing wrong in ordering term papers. The basis for my arguments is J. S. Mills’ “Utilitarianism”. His philosophy states that “the end justifies the means”. It is very true that ordered term papers will give birth to a lot of good effects.

As long as the end benefits a lot of people and as long as it gives happiness to a greater number of people, the means are ethical. CONCLUSION Therefore, ordering term papers are only means to a desired end that will benefit a greater number of people, thus, making it a right thing to do. This is due to the fact that ordered term papers will give students a chance to get good grades. Having good grades will then produce a good employment opportunity for them. Being employed in a good earning job, they will be able to help their parents and give their future children a better environment to grow.


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