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Adopted Strategy of Etihad Airways

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Etihad is obviously pursuing a growth strategy, as it is heavily investing in the fleet and infrastructure at airports. This is in line with their vision of becoming one of the leading international airlines and providing customers with high quality service. They are also pursuing a low cost strategy by providing similar or lower rates than competing airlines. This will confirm that they do not lose any market share due to price. According to the Ansoff Matrix, they are following a market development strategy by focusing on the same product and developing new markets, such as the flights from Abu Dhabi to Brussels and Dublin.

They are also following a market penetration strategy as they are entering into existing markets with the same product with competitive prices. Recommendations Etihad is a new company with a promising future ahead of it. It needs to build on its current base and then consolidate its position. It should not grow beyond the point that it cannot control. Bearing in mind the current global financial scenario, it needs to slow down and focus on specialization. It also needs to partner with key suppliers such as Boeing and Airbus to gain competitive advantage.

Also important is to press home the inherited advantage that it is indeed the national carrier. This point needs to be emphasized time and again so it is deeply entrenched in the minds of the UAE based traveler. This will help tremendously in building brand loyalty. Etihad needs to find more market niches so that it can expand in those markets and gain the first movers advantage. This can be done through extensive research. Finally, Etihad has to hire experienced people in its staff.

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It should be a blend of youth and experience so that the experienced staff pass their knowledge to the youth to carry on in the future.

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Adopted Strategy of Etihad Airways essay

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What is the pricing strategy of Etihad Airways?

Etihad Airways has also opted to use a pricing strategy that will enable penetration to new markets and increase market share in UAE (Srygley, 2007). The airline must ensure that its pricing is not too low such that it is considered as a low cost carrier and nor should it be too high and give competitors a cutting edge.

What are the strategic alliances adopted by Etihad Airlines?

Some of the strategic alliance adopted by Etihad can include code-sharing agreements, marketing arrangements, procurement policies, system commonality, and interchanges of flight-crew personnel and sponsorship with other major organisation (Vander-Kraats, 1993).

How does Etihad’s strategic planning counter the competition?

The rivals pose threats to the company’s increased market penetration since they have increased their number of flights, thus necessitating the Etihad’s strategic planning to counter the competition (+). The competitive capabilities of Etihad Airways are depicted in the management’s strategies towards sustainability and improved value over time.

What is the corporate social responsibility strategy of Etihad Airways?

Etihad Airways is committed to enhancing the sustainability of the environment in which it operates. The company came up with a “Together” CSR strategy, which focuses on the growing, working, giving, and working towards a greener environment collectively.

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