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An Overview of Certain Aspects of Lancaster and Constantins Evaluation of Internationally Adopted Children

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Lancaster and Constantin looked at a study of how adopted children from other countries appear to progress. These two authors examine how internationally adopted children perform socially and academically. This paper will review certain aspects of Lancaster and Constantin’s evaluation of internationally adopted children. The living conditions and academic education these children are receiving will be explored.

Lancaster and Constantin began with an introduction on what international adoption actually is (4). The authors were wise in defining international adoption because not every reader is familiar with terminology regarding adoption. These children come from countries such as China, Ethoiopia, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine, and India (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012). These countries may have somewhat of a weak economy since children are being brought to the United States to have a better chance at life. The authors reveal these international children end up in state run orphanages or health centers of poor care while waiting to be adopted. This revelation is unsettling because these children left their country in hopes of going somewhere better. Instead, some of these children end up in a place that may not be much better than the original place they came from.

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The authors cite a source stating internationally adopted children come from stark conditions which distinguishes them from domestically, adopted children, foster care children, and students for whom English is a second language (Dalen, 2001; Gindis, 2005; Gindis, 2009; Glennen, 2002; Weitzman & Albers, 2005). Many readers could argue with this statement because foster care children, domestically adopted children, and students struggling with English have been found to live in stark living conditions. The United States has areas of poverty where young children are living in harsh, living conditions so internally adopted children are not any more distinguishable than other children for living in stark conditions during the early years of their lives. The authors go on to describe the emotional state of internationally adopted children coming from stark conditions.

The authors describe internally adopted children as being found to have autism, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and other behavioral defects (5). This discovery is not surprising because many children have been diagnosed with these issues in the United States so these common issues can be found in other countries. There is more knowledge about these behavioral defects made available for the world wide public to view than before so the number of foreign children diagnosed with these issues is most likely greater than previous decades. The behavioral defects contribute to these children struggling academically in school.

The authors note internationally adopted children face academic challenges (6). However, these children are supposedly not properly assessed according to the authors (5). Oddly, the authors do not list specific assessment items used on children. The authors also do not describe any specific methods to how students are assessed. These authors cite a limited English proficiently to why students struggle academically. This statement is certainly true since the students are from another country and are just learning the English language.

This article is somewhat of a good introduction to how internationally adopted children fare in the United States. Some of these children end up in orphanages or health care centers that do not provide good living conditions. Also, some of these children are diagnosed with behavioral issues such as an attention deficit disorder or autism. Finally, some of these issues contribute to why these children struggle academically in school.

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