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Villanova admission essay

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Basing my argument on my experience, I have come to appreciate the fact that, adaptive problem solving is a quality I have painstakingly assumed. I have being raised in a business oriented family; I have witnessed the benefits of a person being in the forefront of solving amicably arising and anticipated problems.

This does not require of me to be always looking for some problems to solve here and there, rather I have found myself best suited to tack any forthcoming problem. Once a problem is solved, I always feel re-energized to put my efforts in the core areas of whatever I am doing at that particular time.

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Whenever a problem is too big to handle by myself, I always enlist the services of others in my field of work; thereby bringing the sense of togetherness.

To avoid unnecessary problems, I always like playing by the rules. Honesty is a virtue that, at the end of the day, rewards handsomely. Mahatma Gandhi once said ’It’s difficult to conduct an honest business but it’s not impossible’ that’s is why I try to keep on the straight and narrow even if  some situations, many a times demand otherwise.

My father has taught me that a business found on the premise of lies may only stand but will never weather the slightest of the storm.

A person of integrity is always a darling to many. My own mother has been approached by many big corporate firms to become a big shot because she has exhibited integrity in our family’s manufacturing firm.

Turning these offers down, she always insists that she is happy where she is, and this further shows that she is a woman of principle and character. This has not only encourages me to be of integrity but also makes me see how it is a good thing to employ the principle of integrity through and through.

All my school life, I have found myself excelling because I have been engaging my teachers and other stakeholders with intellectual questions. For I have developed a tendency of reading two to three chapters ahead of what the teacher is covering and on top of that reading widely, I have benefited much for I have been able to understand some of the connectedness of various aspect of what we cover in class and what happens in reality.

It has been fairly easy for me to put into practical the theoretical parts of course work. This has further enabled me to understand the world better and how to make it better for other people and the generations to come.

Problem solving, honesty, integrity, intellectual curiosity to mention but a few, are some of the traits that have contributed greatly in enabling me to establish an advertising company while still in school. I have been able to run this company and it broke even a while ago and I am making good money not to mention three employees I have employed permanently and many others on contract.

As a member of the incoming business class, I feel encouraged to add some value to my course mates and the entire school community. In doing so, I will try to help any student with a problem, I come across though it will be a tall order; I will try my level best. In the same vein, I will encourage them to work as a team, because a problem shared is a problem half solved. Honesty and integrity are two intertwined aspects and it will be up to me to show the students that one does not need to wait until after school to become a person of integrity; rather the earlier the better.

I will invite them to see the progress of my business whereby I will explain to them that it’s through honesty and integrity that I have taken the business that far. Concerning intellectual curiosity, I will continue engaging my teachers in constructive discussions and I am hoping that, those students who shy away from asking questions, will get both the clarification and the courage to ask questions.

I will also lead other students to read widely and to relate what is learnt in classroom to what take place in the real world. This, I believe, will make the learning environment more enjoyable to both the teachers and the students.

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