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I believe that the nursing profession is a calling – a noble and selfless calling. As a nurse, I see myself as a solution to people’s problems. With this in mind, I try my best to give all I can to ensure that the health care needs of patients are met.

The Family Nurse Practitioner is strategic in the health care system. This is because they directly deal with the family, meeting their needs both in and out of the hospital environment. Family Nurse Practitioners hold the responsibility of not only meeting the health needs of families but also to provide guidance, counsel and direct care in family self-medication.

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The Family Nurse practitioner needs a heart and that I have. Personally, I want to be a FNP serving in third world countries. I believe my help is needed more in these parts of the world where health care is in its developmental stages.

I see myself counseling parents about the appropriate health plans that are best for them and their children. I also see myself helping the underserved and the culturally different enjoy the same health care that the other sections of the society enjoy.

I believe that there is neither black nor white, that we all have medical needs and we are all entitled to the same healthcare. My call is to prevent ailment when possible and to offer guidance to families in these third world countries. I see myself helping to put a smile in people’s faces and making life better for these people.

I may not be a philanthropist with billions of dollars to give but I have the heart and I heed to my calling. I want to put a smile across the faces of the children and see parents going about their business with sound minds and body. This is why I want to be a Family Nurse Practitioner.

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