Understanding Job Satisfaction, Loyalty, Commitment

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Job satisfaction as a notion may have different definitions, but the core essence of it lays in the feelings which an employee has when he is asked about his job. These feelings can express total satisfaction with the job, simple satisfaction to total discontent. The reasons of the dissatisfaction should be viewed deeper, and in order to determine the principle factors which cause the employee be unsatisfied it is essential to consider various separate aspects of the employee's relationships at work – whether he is dissatisfied with the physical environment, or with the relationships with other employees or a supervisor, etc. Kirkman 25) What is job satisfaction and why it is needed Job satisfaction as the integral part of the employee successful performance at work has become a subject of acute attention only recently; simultaneously, only few firms (organizations) were able to apply its recommendations and strategies to their activity. Job satisfaction should be taken as the opportunity for the organization to easily improve its general performance.

It is understandable, that the employees who are satisfied with their jobs appear to be more productive, committed to what they do and as a result the clients become also more satisfied with the quality of products and services they get, increasing its reputation and profits. Organizations, which are able to create environment which will attract, benefit, motivate and retain the hard-working employees, will finally be better positioned and will succeed in the competitive business environment, where the main aims to achieve are the quality and cost-effectiveness.

It will be understood later, that job satisfaction is far not always connected with the salary and financial side of this job; thus cost-efficiency is highly possible if the experienced HR manager inactivates the hidden potentials of making employees satisfied with their jobs. (Kirkman 36) Not always job satisfaction goes in line with the wishes of the employee.

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Sometimes it happens that job satisfaction at the employee level does not brings positive changes at the company level; it may happen that the employee is fully satisfied with the situation of coming to his workplace and doing nothing; in this case job satisfaction has nothing to do with the general company's work and advancement. (Leonard 44) How to improve job satisfaction In improving the working environment as one of the means for improving job satisfaction of employees it is essential to change the working conditions in which people work.

First of all, these conditions impact the level of pride and the feeling of prestige among employees; second, through the working conditions employees understand for what they work. The environment should be up-to-date, and it is no secret that even new furniture and newest technological solutions will make the employee more satisfied with what he does. The personal space of each employee should be considered very thoroughly and it is very valuable for the management to take into account the wishes and suggestions which employees have for this issue.

It is often, when the employer tries to save additional costs and hires small office making it overcrowded; ultimately this negatively impacts the performance of the whole staff that has to work in this premise all day long. It influences intrapersonal relations, and thus the quality of work done. Thus, this is not the right means of saving, and the cost-effectiveness is not appropriate here. (Leonard 44) These have been the principal ‘hygiene’ issues which should be resolved before the manager or the employer decides to take care for the motivation problems.

In making employees motivated and thus more satisfied with their jobs, the principal aspect is probably to make them understand that they do valuable work, which is appreciated and of which they should be proud. It is difficult, but it makes the essential part of making the employee motivated. In the desire to motivate employees various means are appropriate, and one of the most widely-spread is the instrument for sharing success stories of other employees who used to work in the company and have made career, or to prove to the employee that the tasks which he is obliged to fulfill are essential for the whole company performance. Make a big deal out of meaningful tasks that may have become ordinary, such as new-baby visits. Of course employees may not find all their tasks interesting or rewarding, but you should show the employee how those tasks are essential to the overall processes that make the practice succeed. You may find certain tasks that are truly unnecessary and can be eliminated or streamlined, resulting in greater efficiency and satisfaction. ’ (Jamal 55) Conclusion

The aim of the work was to discuss job satisfaction as a notion and to suggest possible solutions for the increase of job satisfaction among employees. It has become clear that job satisfaction is a very complex meaning and in order to use it properly, it should be considered from the viewpoint of various aspects, included into it, the amount of which is numerous. Job satisfaction influences performance of every worker, and ultimately it influences the level of the company performance.

Making the employee satisfied through understanding the meaning of his work as well as being proud of what he does will increase the level of customer satisfaction and thus the reputation and prestige of the enterprise as a whole. (Spector 35) The principal difference between the hygiene issues and those related to motivation, is that hygiene issues resolved make the workers less dissatisfied with their jobs, while motivational issues make them more effective and productive. (Spector 35)

Asking employees of what they feel about their jobs is essential for the management, because accounting the employee’s desires and suggestions will make them feel meaningful and thus promote their motivation and self-efficacy. The description of job satisfaction is useful for each employer to read and know the principal issues connected with this problem. With the development of the new technologies and new jobs, job satisfaction appears to decline among many professions, thus needing more attention on the side of employers. (Spector 35)

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