A Personal Reflection on My Career Aspirations in School Psychology with the Focus on Children with Disabilities, and My Strengths and Weaknesses

Last Updated: 31 Jan 2023
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Having a passion for children and education and a calling for assisting them with enhancing their academic, emotional, mental and social well being, it is my greatest ambition to become a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP). I want to identify and to address learning disabilities that interfere with academic achievement. Furthermore, it is my desire to implement assessment techniques to evaluate learning disabilities in special education. Hopefully, these strategies will have an impact on a child's life. These are the primary factors that have influenced my decision to work as a school psychology practitioner.

Since my focus is primarily on children with disabilities, I did not have an interest in any other mental health field. These fields are clinical psychology, school counseling, and family/marriage therapy. Although these career areas have psychological relevancy, they do not have a concentration in a school environment.

Clinical psychology primarily focuses on mental disorders in a clinical setting such as psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitative agencies. School counselors target guidance and curriculum. Marriage and family therapist examine resolutions for interpersonal relationships. Although these areas may be quite rewarding, it is ultimately my desire to assist children who possess mental disabilities in an academic setting. A career in school psychology will promote an opportunity to convey my passion for children and to motivate them to achieve.

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I am cooperative, persistent, ambitious, and self motivated. Once I set a personal goal, I do whatever is necessary to obtain it. As a LSSP, I plan to collaborate with teachers and administrators to determine what intervention strategies are being implemented for children. When all else fails, self motivation is what keeps me moving forward. Rather than focusing on the negative, I always maintain an optimistic mindset in stressful situations. I am one who works well under pressure. My greatest strength is my eagerness to learn. The LSSP program at Texas State is a professional curriculum that requires a lot of time and dedication. With all of the strengths listed, I believe that I have the endurance to complete this professional program.

If I had to list a weakness, I would consider myself too helpful. This characteristic of weakness sometimes causes me to neglect myself. Being helpful and considerate toward others is very important in any professional environment. Nice people tend to be well liked and easy to work with. Although I strive to support others, sometimes I can go to the extreme with my actions. As a result, people sometimes misuse and abuse my kindness. I am learning to balance my needs as well as the needs of others.

There are a few areas in my application that does not meet the preferred criteria. My undergraduate grade point average is below a 3.0 and I have a C in all three of my prerequisite courses. During my undergraduate years, I experienced several financial obstacles that required me to work full time. As a result, my grades were not as high as they should have been. Although I am not pleased with my undergraduate grade point average, I was the first person in my family to graduate college.

After I was accepted into graduate school, I was well aware that a certain average was required in order to remain in the masters program. I exercised my eagerness to learn and maintained a 3.0 grade point average. As a result, I received a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling in the spring of 2010. Although I have had previous shortcomings, they have equipped me for the LSSP program at Texas State and for future endeavors. As an LSSP, I will serve as a role model to students with academic obstacles and motivate them to achieve. With the training and skills provided from this university, I will be on the road to secure my future calling and ambition.

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