Essays on Gladiator

Essays on Gladiator

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Accuracy of Historical Films

How accurate a portrayal of Roman gladiatorial games and culture is the movie “Gladiator’? In society today historical films are merely valuable to society as a form of entertainment. Historical events have become another form of stimulus for directors when creating an engaging film for …

EntertainmentGladiatorRoman EmpireSociety
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Life of a Gladiator

The life of a Gladiator could be compared to the life of a modern day professional athlete. Gladiators lived a lavish life much greater than the lower class of Ancient Rome. With food, medicine, and baths all at the tip of their fingers, they were …

CitizenshipGladiatorRoman Empire
Words 96
Pages 1
Roles of Gladiators in Roman Society

Gladiators were mostly unfree individuals either condemned criminals, prisoners of wars who had lost their citizenship rights, although, some of them were volunteers who were mostly freedmen or very low classes of freeborn men who chose to be a slave for monetary rewards or for …

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Gladiator Motivational Speech

Ridley Scott’s ‘Gladiator’ was released in 2000 and won five Oscars (Academy Awards); including “Best Film,” “Best Visual Effects” and “Best Director.” Scott cast some well known actors such as Russel Crowe and Richard Harris. Some reports suggest it cost an amazing 145 million. The …

Words 1397
Pages 6
Ben Hur and Gladiator

Ben Hur and Gladiator both portray Rome as a vast, ever expansing Empire. However, each film’s Christian story tendencies pulls the depiction of Rome into slightly different lights. Ben-Hur is clearly an explicit Christian tale with a legitimate portrayal of Christ (although he appears infrequently) …

Words 1144
Pages 5
Analysis of the Gladiator trailer

Trailers are a very important part of the advertisement and promotion of a feature film. Trailers usually consist of a collection of carefully chosen clips from the film that give the audience a vague idea of what the film is about and hopefully persuade the …

AdvertisingGenreGladiatorMusicTarget AudienceVillain
Words 3740
Pages 14
Antony and Cleopatra, Gladiator & the Statue of Liberty

Antony and Cleopatra is based upon a dualistic vision of experience, the world of Rome pitted against the world of Egypt. Rome is associated with military glory, honor, and moral duty and this is clearly depicted by the imagery used throughout the play. Through Cleopatra’s …

Antony and CleopatraGladiator
Words 1649
Pages 6
Gladiator Movie Analysis

The films which entitled as Ben Hur and Gladiator portray Rome as a state and empire. The portrayal of the Roman characters and Rome itself being in a negative or positive light depends on a few different things. Personally, I believe that both films portray …

Words 600
Pages 3
Saint Telemachus

The Roman Catholic faith is one of the religions that believe in martyrs and saints and honored their lives because of the sacrifices that they have made in the name of fighting for their religion and in the name of preaching the values and morals …

Words 3350
Pages 13
Historical Movie Review : Gladiator (2000)

A dying Marcus Aurelius, the extraordinary sovereign of Rome chooses to declare his unwavering and bold General Maximus Decimus Meridius as his successor so as to reestablish the intensity of the Roman Senate as he feels that his very own child Commodus isn’t fit to …

Words 2570
Pages 10
Effects of Roman Architecture

It was an art of shaping space around ritual, it sought identity and fulfillment in the performance and creation, it was their way of reducing chaos, it was used to show their newly developed building skills, it was to “romanize” their country and set it …

ArchitectureGladiatorRoman Architecture
Words 2070
Pages 8
The height of the power of Roman Empire

The height of the power of Roman Empire was at vast. Over one quarter of the world’s population lived and died the rule of the Caesars. Emperor Marcus Aurelius was in twelve-years of campaign against the Barbarian Tribe in Germania that was drawing to an …

GladiatorRoman EmpireSlavery
Words 742
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1st and 2nd Peter

1st and 2nd Peter The Christians around the time I Peter was written were undergoing some intense persecution. Socially they were shunned, abused, insulted and ridiculed, and Peter realized that the circumstances were getting worse. Nero was Emperor of Rome during the time I Peter …

ChristianityEssay ExamplesGladiatorJesusReligion
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A Brief Summary and an Analysis of the Movie Gladiator and the Character Maximus

“Gladiator” is a movie meant to be remembered for many years to come. It is an actionpacked; historical, tragic, emotional, vengeful, moral, amazing, exciting, breath-taking, and thrilling ride into the era of the Roman Empire. Maximus was the most honorable, respected, and skilled general Rome …

GladiatorMovie Review
Words 1351
Pages 5
Roman Gladiators

The Gladiators in general were either condemned criminals, prisoners of war, slaves brought for the purpose of the games and people who volunteered on their own will. The gladiatorial games reached their peak between the 1st century BCE and the 2nd century CE. Men who …

Words 650
Pages 3
Maximus Decimus Meridius and the Definition of Heroism

Imagine what the world would be like if there were no heroes. Villains would become the norm, and we would no longer have anyone to admire or imitate. Joy and hope would be a thing of that past, only written in the literature to remind …

Words 721
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Set in Roman times, the story of a once-powerful general forced to become a common gladiator. The emperor's son is enraged when he is passed over as heir in favour of his father's favourite general. He kills his father and arranges the murder of the general's family, and the general is sold into slavery to be trained as a gladiator - but his subsequent popularity in the arena threatens the throne.… MORE
Release date

May 5, 2000 (USA)


Ridley Scott


Academy Award for Best Picture, Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role

Box office

$460.5 million


Music composed by: Lisa Gerrard, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt

Story by

David Franzoni

Frequently asked questions

What is the main purpose of gladiator?
The main purpose of gladiator is to give people an opportunity to see skilled warriors fighting to the death. It is also a way for people to bet on the outcome of the fights.
How would you describe gladiators?
Gladiators were professional fighters who fought in front of audiences in ancient Rome. They were typically slaves, prisoners, or criminals who were forced to fight for the entertainment of the crowds. The fights often resulted in death, and the victors were often rewarded with money, food, and other gifts.
What does it mean to be called a gladiator?
A gladiator was an ancient Roman professional fighter who fought against other gladiators, wild animals, and criminals in large public arenas known as amphitheaters. These amphitheaters were built in all major Roman cities and were used for entertainment, religious, and political purposes. Gladiators were typically slaves, prisoners of war, or condemned criminals who were trained to fight for their lives in front of a large audience. Although gladiators were often portrayed as brutal and savage warriors in popular culture, they were actually highly skilled fighters who received extensive training in a variety of weapons and fighting styles.
What would life be like as a gladiator?
Although it is difficult to say exactly what life would have been like as a gladiator, we can get a pretty good idea by looking at accounts from Roman historians and archaeologists.Generally speaking, life as a gladiator would have been incredibly brutal and short. Most gladiators were slaves or prisoners, and as such, they were treated incredibly poorly. They were given just enough food to keep them alive and were trained in incredibly brutal ways.When they were not fighting in the arena, they would have been kept in cramped, dirty cells where they would have been chained up. They would have had very little contact with the outside world and would have been constantly fearing for their lives.If they won a fight, they would have been celebrated as heroes. However, even if they won, they would have still been subject to the same brutal treatment. If they lost a fight, they would have been killed in front of the cheering crowds.So, all in all, life as a gladiator would have been incredibly tough. It was a life of constant violence, fear, and uncertainty.

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