Essays on Oregon Trail

Essays on Oregon Trail

Initial release: 1959
Director: Gene Fowler Jr.
Starring: Fred MacMurray; William Bishop; Nina Shipman
Music by: Paul Dunlap
Story by: Louis Vittes
Budget: 300000

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Life of the Female Pioneer on the Oregon Trail

Life of the Female Pioneer on the Oregon Trail University Of Phoenix HIS/110 August 25, 2012 Kim Murphy Life of the Female Pioneer on the Oregon Trail My life as a female pioneer taking the journey down the Oregon Trail was one of hardship and …

FemaleOregon Trail
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What is the main idea of the Oregon Trail?
British-controlled territory Oregon occupied everything that was between California and Alaska. The trail was a way for the United States of America to expand westward in pursuit of what politicians at the time called its "Manifest Destiny" or to reach "from Sea to Shining Sea."
What was the hardest part of the Oregon Trail?
Accidents and exhaustion were major threats to pioneers' lives and limbs. Crossing rivers was one of the most hazardous things pioneers did. Flooded rivers could sweep people and their oxen overboard and drown them. This could lead to loss of life and the destruction of most or all of your valuable supplies.

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