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A Comparison of The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska by John Green

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“The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green is comparable to his book ”Looking for Alaska“ for various reasons. The Fault in Our Stars was written from a female perspective while Looking for Alaska was written from a male perspective, both young teenage voices however. They are both written about the lives of young teenagersi. Not typical teenage lives, but typical for them Lives affected by various things such as family issues, living away from home, both physical and mental illness, and of course, love. Both books have a serious undertone throughout the book; however. The Fault in Our Stars has a bit of a lighter, bouncier tone for a large portion of the books Each book exhibits themes of growing up, and death, more specifically unexpected death at a young age.

The different books' respective characters deal with the unanticipated deaths quite differently Pudge, in Looking for Alaska, seems to base his life on Alaska’s’ death, and portrays an undying inability to separate his own life from her death, whereas in. In the Fault in Our Stars, Hazel Grace handles Augustus’s death differently. She tells her story prior to his death, and leading up to it, focusing on his life After he dies, she tells of his death and various important events after.  In Looking for Alaska, Alaska’s death is much more abrupt than Augustus’s in The Fault in our Stars. As soon as you start reading. The Fault in our Stars you know it is about cancer, so you know someone is going to die, granted you assume it will be Hazel-Grace, and it ends up being Augustus.

However in Looking for Alaska, as you go throughout the book you see the chapters are number oddly, twenty days before i fifteen days beforehand so on and so forth. The reader thinks “before what?” The reader recognizes that something is coming, they just do not have any idea as to what that is, but it was easily assumed that it was counting down to when Pudge and Alaska would get togetheri. Then Alaska proceeded to abruptly escape from the world almost as quickly as the reader got attached to her and the idea of her prospective relationship with Pudge. Both of the books however much related they are, are exceedingly more different than alike in my opinion.

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This is based on the fact that they have completely different tonesi. Yes, they both are about teenagers, and finding oneself, and death, but Looking for Alaska has a more serious, down-to-earth, kind of tone, whereas. The Fault in our Stars is more of an upbeat, lovey, and sarcastic tone, with the exception of a few mildly serious parts of the book. John Green did an exceptional job with both books however and is a great author, which I have determined after reading these two books, and seeing how easily he can use the same basic concepts and plots, and twist them using tone, and other literary techniques

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