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6 Great Gift Ideas Under $100 for Any Occasion

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The editors at AskMen are all about helping you prepare for life’s complications, from dating smarter, dressing sharper to being ready for just about any situation -- even completely spacing on or (much, much worse) an anniversary.

Whether you’ve got a special day coming up you want to commemorate, or just some great (while avoiding all the cliches for once) -- we’ve got you covered.

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Know a serial iPhone photographer who’s forever over their data limit? Someone who has a habit of losing their phone at least twice a year? The Kismo 16GB USB / Lightning Flash Drive is a perfect gift that’s both practical and near-universally useful as a way to store stuff off the cloud. Plus, with $40 off the price tag from Amazon, you could even stand to give out a few duplicates.

The added benefit to giving the Tile Slim as a present is that anytime a person is overjoyed about re-discovering where they left their wallet, you get a share of the credit. You can either pick up one of these ultra-slim app-enabled item trackers for just under $30 -- or pick up a set of four, save yourself $20, and be way ahead of the game for this year. .

The nice thing about a watch is they work as a gift for anyone -- the great thing about the Timex Expedition Field Chronograph is that it can also say a lot about who it’s being given to. You purchased it for them because you think they’re adventurous. You got it  because you think they need to be more adventurous. And with 35 percent off, there’s really no losing with this option. .

Judd Apatow is one of those rare people who almost everyone can agree is a pretty funny guy -- and much like his movies, his book is no-less hilarious. Featuring insights from the classics like Jerry Seinfeld all the way up to the more modern comedy-types such as Lena Dunham, Sick In The Head can just as easily be enjoyed by someone at any stage in their life. .

No matter how much a person professes they love going to the gym or weekend triathlons, when it comes to some things we all prefer the lazy route. Coming in at just under $40 (and 22 percent off), the WeMo Switch turns pretty much anything that can plug into a wall socket into an app-controlled smart device. It even works with Amazon’s Alexa so it can be voice controlled for extra simplicity of use. .

Pair the diamond rocking whiskey glass set with a bottle of their favorite label and you’ve got yourself a home run for less than $22 -- and if you play your cards right, you might even get to dip into the bottle using one of the two glasses on that first inaugural drink. .

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