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Special Occasion Speech

Essay Topic:

Before beginning, I’d like to offer my sincerest gratitude to ChMlotte and Justin for allowing me 10 be pan oflhls special occasion. Aho, I wouJd like to say thank you 10 Charlotte’ 1 parenU for . 11 that you’ve done to make this ! he special day tha! il is.

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And, of course. my gntefuln~ to Justin’ s parentS for all oryour suppon and all that you’ve done to make this, by all accounts, the perfect day. I love 1 wedding – especially when it happens to such great people. From the moment [ saw you two together, Charlotte, I knew this would happen. Charlotte has been. great rriend in. w many ways.

We’ve come to know one another so wen, that we have an undemanding that goes beyond wOf’ds. We don’t judge. and we don’t have 10 explain. So. when Clwiotte found her soul-mate, she didn’t really have 10 say much to make it clear to me that Justin was the one and only for her. The love in her beart and the joy in ber spirit were obvious from the beginning. I’ve seen that same Jove and happiness in JUSlin. Charlotte and Justin, I am elCtremely happy for both of you. You truly complement one another. You rod u friends and it evolved into a love that so many people r1U’eIy find today. Love after a1~ doesn’t make the world go around …

Love is what makes the ride wonhwhile. And it’s a wonderful thing when two people who were made for each othefmanage to frnd each other and ! all io love. So, I’d like to make a toast. And I’d like to make it with this thought in mind: If there is such a thing as a good marriage, then it cqmes from unconditional and enduring love that grows from commitment and friendship. So this is to you, Justin and Charlotte, your love Bnd friendship have always been special and your future as busband and wife promises to be bright. Here’s to a wonderful, enchanted life together rich with love and happiness .