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Possibility of a terrorist attack is real in any nation in the world

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Possibility of a terrorist attack is real in any nation in the world more so in the United States and all other nation that seem to support our policies. Though this country has been a victim in the past we may not be in a position to guarantee that we can not be stricken again, it can happen anytime as the terrorist have been known to strike at the least expected time and in the least expected places.

I will be quick to point out that in the recent future there has been a trend as far as terrorist attacks are concerned. They have been targeting specific places with the most prone areas being the crowded areas. Their aim is to cause as much panic as possible. In the previous terror attacks lives has been lost and massive destruction of property witnessed in all these instances.

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There have been growing fears that terrorist might strike key economic infrastructures in this country. This has caused great fear as such an attack could bring cascading and social impacts. In this paper I will describe a hypothetical nuclear terrorist attack giving a clear analysis on its effect on various aspects of American systems.

Nuclear attack has never been a comfortable subject in America, it is feared that such a thing would inflict damage that has never been witnessed in the American history. The fact remains that such an attack is possible in the American soil and the perpetrators of such an attack would be aiming to strike in an areas where they would cause the greatest damage ever having the kind of effects never seen before. The infrastructure in the picture would be one which carries a big number of people at one particular time; in this case I will assume an airport would be the key target.

At one given time there are beehive activities in the key airports in the country. Many people are traveling from one point to the other not forgetting that there are others who are permanently located in such a facility either as workers of a particular airline or even there to provide security for the passengers. The point is that the human traffic is always high. (Allison, G 2005)

If such an attack occurred ,it would be at the least expected time, though our country security systems have the mechanisms to detect terrorist intention and prevent them before they occur they are not always hundred percent accurate, therefore at times they might miss some of the details.

The attack given its nature would have catastrophic effects a whole airport might be destroyed as a result of the blast and fires; this would not spare the adjacent infrastrucres also. Deaths would be as a result of either as a result of the fire or due to the radiation poisoning that would occur given the nature of the attack.

The effects of such an attack would be devastating both in the short term and long time. The deaths that would occur from such a catastrophic incidence would be many given the target and the type of weapon that have been used. Nuclear weapons are very dangerous as they have very lethal effects not only on a short term period but also in the future due to the radioactive materials involved. It would pose a danger for those who were directly involved in the accident and also those who would come in to help in the evacuation process.

It is a kind of a situation that many would not want to imagine can happen in our country but given that nuclear technology is available in the so called the rogue states such an attack can occur in our soil. Evacuation would not just be a simple process since the chemicals involved are very dangerous, it would require some specialized equipment to avoid contamination of those involved. Such equipment does not come cheaply therefore the cost involved in the process would be high meaning this would have some serious economic implications in the future.

The massive destruction of property would occur meaning the important infrastructure would be destroyed paralyzing the entire operations of the airport and its adjacent premises. This would eventually affect the economic activities in the area and beyond since transport and other activities would be affected. Terror attacks bring some very unpleasant effects on those affected.

The terrorist intention is to make the targets psychologically tormented if not physically injured, nuclear terrorist attack would have even more effects given it nature, the effects would be long term as the chemicals involved are very dangerous, it would affect those who were present at the time of the incidence and also those who were not there and may come into contact with the radioactive rays emitted during the attack. (Leventhal, P and Yonah, A 1986)

The security systems of this country would be largely be affected knowing that such an attack would be hard to tackle as it might be impossible to send army to fight nuclear terrorists given that most of them are well organized groups which are sponsored by the rogue states. It would bring new challenges as far as war on terror is concerned.

This might not be unexpected but it poses a serious threat on our security system. They need to be up to the challenge, since they have concentrated too much energy fighting other type of terrorism such that much resource has not been used to address such an issue.

The system would have to prepare itself enough to meet the challenges posed b y this type of the welfare. They have to come up with the strategy to detect and prevent such a catastrophic attack in future.

A terrorist if this magnitude occurring in our country would definitely mean that our security system has been lapse as they were not able to detect it early. Given it nature which would require a lot of preparation before hand making it easy for the security personnel to smell a rat and take the necessary action.

The fact that it has occurred may most likely indicate that much was not done or some of them were involved. This would call for a serious mitigation measures to be taken so as to prevent such an attack in the future and if possible or as it should be, thorough security checks as provided by the law carried out to avoid such a disaster.

Possibility of a terrorist attack is real in any nation in the world essay

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