Analyzing and Proposing Web Analytics for – Coursework Brief and Marking Criteria

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COURSEWORK BRIEF This coursework is worth 60% of the total module marks available for this module. This is an individual piece of work. You have been asked to review and propose a course of action for a large online retailer (www. argos. co. uk) as an independent web analytics consultant. Your review should include an overview of the site, stating where and what web analytics techniques and tools you could use. Indicating the rationale for this and how it could be used to understand visitors' behaviour, clickstream, and how to improve the website's success, performance and business decision making.

You should also include in your overview, a discussion about how Argos's business intelligence can be linked to its web analytics data, providing a case for this based on academic theory. This coursework should take the form of a REPORT and should be no longer than 2500 words, excluding executive summary, tables, diagrams and references. It is expected that you provide academic support for your proposed solutions, discussions analysis and recommendations. MARKING CRITERIA The marking criteria are the things that marks will be awarded against.

They should not be seen as the structure of the report nor expected headings of your report. • Executive summary ; introduction - 10% • Analysis of the ARGOS Web site - 20% • Discussion and analysis about the link between business intelligence and Web analytics for ARGOS - 20% • Making recommendations/suggestions for the appropriate use of Web analytics tools in order to understand the visitors’ behaviour, improve the Web site usage and business performance - 30% • Conclusions - 10% • Choice of references properly cited within the work - 10%

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