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One of the most vital problems that are being faced by many countries and communities today is that of electricity and power shortages. It is problem that is growing in magnitude as time passes. This problem basically arose because the entire world power generation is through coal and oil. These are depleting natural resources that have also become extremely costly today. Another problem with using such kinds of resources is that they also consume at of time in manufacturing. The cost of such projects is also very high. Another problem is that there is also much loss of the power that is produced during the process.

For example if a plant is capable of producing about 800 mega watts of energy at a particular time, then due to the inefficiency of the machines it is only able to produce 670 mega watt and the rest of the energy is lost in the process. Energy is one of the most important components of productivity and growth. all the countries that have become industrialized or are in the process of industrialization are making extensive use of electricity. Besides the industrial users there are domestic users. Today every person has some sort of usage of light.

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Electricity has become one of the most important components of the human lifestyle. Today it is in fact unbelievable to think of a life without using light. Many of the developing countries are still facing huge electricity shortages in their country. For example in Pakistan we hear people protesting about the extensive load shedding that takes place on daily basis. Also many developed countries are finding it very difficult to fulfill the growing needs of the consumer. The better the buying power of the people in a country the more electricity they consume.

Today we see that the entire appliances are in some way or the other dependant upon electricity either for charging or actual usage. Without electricity a person actually feels paralyzed today. Because nothing seems to work. In this age of information technology where everything is computerized and mechanistic. All the workings and transactions that take place on real time and otherwise use power. There are many solutions to this arising problem that have been suggested by the experts over the years. One of the most prominent solutions is to remove the dependability form electricity to some alternate resources.

And the other solution is to save the energy or increase the production. In order to save energy there is a constant need to educate its users. With education I am referring to awareness. The energy crisis is not new to any generation therefore a small effort on the part of the government and the social organization can have a great impact on solving the problems. We have to agree that every individual in this world is in some manner wasting the energy. Despite the fact that every one is paying the due share of energy they use.

But the problem is that if we waste energy there are not sufficient amounts left to be used by the deserving. An example of the wastage of energy is in offices we notice that they don’t switch of the lights when the employees leave. There are centrally air conditioned office spaces that are consuming large amounts of electricity. Many streets lights are not turned off in the early morning that can save energy. Therefore if a conscious effort is made on the part of every individual to save energy then the entire nation shall benefit from this action.

Also saving energy will further improve the correct distribution of energy. In short the industries shall become form efficient and productive. Another solution to the problem is the use of alternate resources of energy. There have been many sources of energy for example the thermal, hydro, wind, solar, gas etc. and there has been research going on for many years to come up with other ideas that can be used as alternate resources of energy. Apparently one of the problems with the present system of electricity generation is that it is not environment friendly also.

Therefore the other prescribed methods are far more independent and are much more environment friendly. The first alternate form is the wind power generation. Usually places that are situated near the sea or are at a height have a lot of wind that travels at great speeds. Certain fans are installed in such places that when pushed by the wind force other machinery to move and the pressure generates electricity. This is a viable source of electricity generation. The second alternate form of energy is through the use of water. The sea water travels at great speeds and has a good amount of pressure.

Today we see many dams that are built at large rivers and seas. From which water flows at a great speed. This speed and pressure is used to generate electricity. Many countries are making effective use of this method of power generation. The third most used technique is the solar power generation. It is an alternate type in which the solar energy is captured throughout the day and is used in the generation of energy and many other things. There are also many other forms and alternate sources of power generation. For example the bio gas.

But the question arises here why is it that the world hasn’t adopted any of these methods on a large scale. The answer to this is that all the methods that have been described above have some sort of limitation. If we take water there is some times that the speed is not as expected. It keeps on fluctuating. During the floods it is very high while in some parts of the year it is reasonably low. Same is the case with wind. The wind along with its speed also changes direction. This is a subject of great concern. . The solar energy plant has also not advanced to that an extent that it can totally replace the former systems.

Another reason for them being not successful is that these methods require a lot research and are not cost effective. They also do not remove the dependability from natural resources. Therefore in order to deal with this problem effectively the only way is to use a combination of these resources. And whatever proves to be the most effective the greater burden should be shifted to that factor. In this way the dependence could be diversified and no single entity will have to bear the load of power generation. The dependence on oil and gas can prove to be very expensive in the future.

As these resources are depleting and the prices are being raised on a phenomenal level. It is essential to tackle this problem in a intelligent manner. Works cited Feldman, David. F, The Energy Crisis: Unresolved Issues and Enduring Legacies, Edition: illustrated Published by Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996 Green, Jen, Energy Crisis, Edition: illustrated Published by Chrysalis Education, 2003 Richard P. Runyon, Richard. P, The Energy Crisis: [the imminent crisis of our oil, gas, coal and atomic energy resources and solutions to resolve it], Published by Crown Publishers, 1972

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