3 Crushing Mistakes Most Salespeople Make

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If you make a mistake that causes you to lose a sale, what do you do? You make adjustments to ensure it doesn’t happen again, of course.

Salespeople never want to make the same mistakes repeatedly and yet they do because they don’t realize they’re making the mistakes in the first place. It’s impossible to correct a mistake you aren't aware of.

The reality is, most salespeople make the same few mistakes in every sales meeting, and these . The mistakes often go unnoticed, and the vast majority of salespeople never even realize they’re making them. This video explains it all.

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Fortunately, you’re about to find out exactly what these pitfalls are and how to avoid them so you dominate your competition. Here are the three crushing mistakes most salespeople make. Be honest: Are you making them too?


1. You sell like everyone else.

How did you first learn to sell? Chances are, someone taught you. But was that person truly a sales expert? For most salespeople, the answer is no.

In fact, many salespeople are trained by people, who don’t even have a proven approach to selling. They’re just regurgitating the same old ideas over and over again. As a result, most salespeople learn the same ineffective sales approach, and they lose out on sales.

Instead of making this fatal mistake, seek out a sales expert, who can train you in an approach that’s proven to work. Don’t sell like everyone else. Instead, create your own system from scratch; learn a proven method; and follow it.


2. You make up questions as you go.

Some salespeople understand the importance of asking questions throughout a sales presentation while others just wing it as they go. , and a haphazard approach to questions won’t help you close more sales. In fact, it will make you lose sales.

Some questions are essentially useless, such as questions that are either too product-focused or close-ended. For example, asking, “Would you like the product in blue or red?” does nothing to help you close the deal. Instead, focus on questions that will encourage your prospect to open up about their key challenges and how you can really help them.

It’s time to craft a clear script of exactly what you’re going to ask your prospects. Jot down seven to 10 specific questions you’ll ask every single time you’re in front of a prospect, and you’ll be much more effective. Take it a step further - while also saving time and energy -- and borrow questions from a proven, systematic approach to improve your chances of closing the sale.

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3. You prospect sporadically.

How many prospecting calls do you have to make in order to hit your annual sales goal? Very few salespeople actually know the answer to this question, and that’s a huge mistake. Successful salespeople understand exactly what they must do on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis in order to meet their sales goals.

Without a clear understanding of the daily prospecting activities associated with their sales goals, most salespeople allow prospecting to fall by the wayside. Once their current sales wrap up, there’s nothing waiting in the pipeline. Don’t make this common prospecting mistake. Instead of sporadically prospecting, form a plan to consistently prospect to ensure you meet your annual sales goal.

Be very clear about what you must do every single day.

  • How many calls do you have to make?
  • How many referrals or introductions do you need to ask for?
  • How many meetings should you set?
  • How many customers should you be speaking to on a regular basis?

Finding the answers to these questions will give you clarity, and empower you to stay on track everyday.

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