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My hobby is flower arranging. It may be greeted with much derision because the prevailing opinion is that the hobby is more for the elderly. However, I feel that flower arranging provides me the chance to think in a creative way and develop my artistic potential. To me, turning a bunch of flower into a beautiful artwork is a source of pride and gratification; and, it indeed creates a continued interest. As I have engaged myself in this hobby, I have a lot more of quality time with my parents who share the same interest with me.

My father is a professional florist who has a flower shop of his own. His shop features many types of flower bouquets, most of them are for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Since I do help him out at his shop sometimes, I can see that he is financially prospering! After much thought, I realise that flower arranging is an interesting hobby to pursue. Using only a few plant and flower materials and a pair of skillful hands, a person can actually produce many eye-catching flower banquets and reap much profit.

Thus, I want to know more about this beneficial hobby. Perhaps, if I fall to achieve my dreamed profession of being a business woman, I can happily pursue this alternative career path! My last trip (My summer vacation) The summer vacation is a long time which for myself take a rest. It is a special summer vacation because I have just passed the exam. Next month, I'm a freshman. When I passed the exam, I visited my home town.

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My home town , to me, is very beautiful. There are Co Loa temple, Soc Son temple, Duong river, Bat Trang village and so on. I visited my grandmother, my relatives. I went fishing, cutting flowers, sightseeing, eating some special dishes. I love people in my home town so much because of their kindness, and their lovely smile, very friendly. My summer vacation finished so fast but it is interesting and leaves me many sweet memories. I never forget it, I sure that I’ll come back next summer.  I'm a third year student in the English of Business and Tourism at Sai Gon University right now. I like my specialty because I will have many chances to go travel abroad and work in hospitality field. After graduating, I hope to find a good job with a good salary in an environment I could use my abilities. My older brother said that I could be an exporter or leader of a foreign company if I try, it sounds very interesting.

Of course, I also want to work in a foreign company, I think it's a good environment to develop my skills: speaking English, writing faxes or emails and contracts with customers, especially communication skills, and the method of working is very professional. I also want to earn much money from my work in the future, so I will work hard to earn a higher salary than expected. I'm trying to learn English, because it's an international language and I can't help but use it when I working with foreigners.

I also want to find a part time job to earn extra money be in contact with the environment outside my university. I'm only just 20 years old, too young to get married soon. I would love a job with many opportunities to travel many places, other countries in the world, to know new cultures there, specially eat much good food. In the future, when I have enough experience I'd like to build my own restaurant, or a store where I can earn money by myself. I will employ many people and give them work in order to contribute to the development of my country. I hope my dream comes true.

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