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Deanne C Why did Capote end the story this way? In the story "Miriam" by Truman Capote he purposefully created dual endings of this story. The dual ending theory is one that has been debated for years. One of the creepiest endings in this popular story is one where the character Miriam is actually an apparition that haunts Mrs. Miller and refuses to leave. For example, in the last line of the story Mrs. Miller says "Hello to Miriam" implying that Miriam has never left and plans to torment Mrs. Miller forever.

Capote chose this ending because it epic mystery, suspense and creates an overall creepy undertone. This ending is a more "Hollywood" ending, thus increasing the enjoyment of the short story. However, in Capote's second ending this was a more light and upbeat ending that infuses hope into the reader. He ends the story with a clear moral message, always live your life to the fullest, and enjoy the little things. In this ending Mrs.. Miller investigates herself, and experiences a rude awakening when she finds out her real relationship with Miriam.

As Capote illustrates In the story uniquely; Mrs. Miller admits to herself "For the only thing that she had lost to Miriam was her Identity'. From this direct line from the story Capote conveys to the readers Mrs. Millers anxiety was not really directed to Miriam, but the abrupt loss of her solitude life In which she has become so accustom to. In conclusion, Capote ended the story with dual endings depending on the reader's interpretation of the story. Capote's goal was to force the reader to choose an ending that best suits the person reading It.

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