Gatsby Expository Paragraph

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His love for Daisy took him far out of reality and turned him into a temporary zombie. The imagery of foul dust floating shows that Gatsby love for Daisy is a parasite in his mind and t hat the dust is pointless, like his love for Daisy. Daisy truly takes Gatsby away from his current t state of mind, when he thinks of her that's all he can focus on. Also, after Gatsby has given N kick and Daisy a tour of his house, he describes Gatsby)ads doubtful expression and how that eve en "Daisy tumbled short of his dreams" (95).

This shows that Gatsby idea of Daisy maybe even more powerful than the reality of the situation. Having committed so much time to Daisy, any thing that "falls short" of his perfect outcome with her will let hurt him very emotionally in a b ad place. This shows how Gatsby visions of Daisy take him out of reality and make his dread ms unachievable. When Gatsby is thinking about Daisy, he is taken out of reality because his ex peculations of this extraordinary life with her are not realistic.

Right after Gatsby party when In k describes Gatsby as reminiscent and "talked a lot about the past" and that "he wanted t o recover something, some idea of himself perhaps, that had gone into loving Daisy/' (1 1 0). This goes back to how unachievable something in the past is, it was already over and cannot be changed. Also, Gatsby/s idealism is taking him away from reality and its implying that part of Gatsby past has been wasted on an unrealistic situation of Daisy and Gatsby being together, w hen Daisy already was with Tom.

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