Women Entrepreneurship and Their Contribution to the National Economy

Last Updated: 21 Mar 2023
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INTRODUCTION The emergence of women entrepreneur & their contribution to the national economy is quite visible in India. Women have become aware of their existence, their rights & their work situations. The number of women entrepreneur has grown over a period especially in the 1990s. Women have owned & operated business since the beginning of American history & much earlier in other part of the world. They rarely were recognized or given credit for their effort.

Often women were invisible as they worked side by side with their husband in businesses & may have only stepped into the leadership position when their husband died. Many recognized business today are owned & operated by the wife or daughter of the founder. Due to gender discrimination & bias many women choose the option of starting & managing their own business that can impede women’s success in the corporate world. Women entrepreneurship need to be studied separately for two main reasons. the first reason is that women’s entrepreneurship has been recognised during the last decade as an untapped source of economic growth.

Women entrepreneurs create new jobs for themselves & others by being different also provide society with different solution to management , organization & business problem as well as to the exploitation of entrepreneurs opportunities. The second reason is that the topic of women entrepreneurship has been largely neglected both in society general & in social science. Not only have women lower participation rates in entrepreneurial then men but they also generally choose to start & manage firms in different industries then men tend to do.

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Industries choosen by women are often perceived as being less important to economic development & growth then high technology & manufacturing further more research tend to be men streamed & too often do not take in to account the specific need of women entrepreneur. Why women become entrepreneur:- Women often leave the corporate world by starting their own business, to provide additional flexibility & life balance in managing their traditional responsibilities as wife & primary care taker of children.

Different theories suggest that there is no set & standard profile that can be practically applied. For every women who is an entrepreneurs or wants to become one they each have their own set of reasons, motivation & many can not be categorized. Female & male Difference:- In comparing the management style of women & men entrepreneurs women display distinctive features & abilities. Women entrepreneurs shows transformational style of leadership. this style encourages positive interactions & trust based relationship with subordinate with whom they also share power & information.

Women in non traditional industries value many both as a motivator and the preferred out come yet Buttner & Moore’s research finding indicate that women’s important goals are for professional growth, development, challenge & self fulfilment while men’s are preferred higher income. Barriers against women entrepreneurs:- Capital Finance :- There are many barriers for women entrepreneurs when falling the prospects of starting a new business research finds the primary barriers is the access to capital finance.

This could also include start up financing & credit, cash flow management in the early operation & financial planning. Lack of network :- Another prominent barrier that women entrepreneurs face is the lack of network of information, assistance & mentors. Networking is a set of interrelated relationship that mutually benefit or that are involved, through sharing & giving resources, information & data and personal referrals set. Due to the gender difference in access to network women was excluded from many of the formal & informal networks in organization.

Apart form that there are various obstacles that women entrepreneurs face some of these are Low risk bearing ability Male dominated society Lack of Education Scarcity of raw material Role of women Entrepreneurs in the global economy Entrepreneurship emerges from an individual’s creative spirit in to long-term business ownership, job creation & economic security. Women bring commitment and integrity because they care about economic empowerment, entrepreneurial development & innovation. As owner of small & edium size enterprise women can supply multinational companies with ideas, inventions, technology, raw materials supplies components & business services, ultimately female business owner will be recognized for who they are, what they do & how significantly they impact global economy. The global impact of women entrepreneur is just beginning to gain intensity. Worldwide the no. of female business owner continues to increase steadily & recent on report concluded that economic development is closely related to the advancement of women. In nation where women have advanced economic growth has usually been steady.

By contrast, in countries where women have been restricted the economy has been stagnant. Thus we can say entrepreneurship is the core of economic development. It is a multidimensional task & essentially a creative activity. Entrepreneur is key factor of entrepreneurship in the process of entrepreneurship. Women have to face various problems associated with entrepreneurship & these problems get doubled because of her dual role as a wage earner & home maker. Women in India constitute a larger proportion of total unemployed population & hence it is imperative to find out the entrepreneurial constraint faced by them.

In Rajasthan situation of women entrepreneur is very critical they face more problems because they are less educated & not aware of govt. supports. In brief the thrust of the study is as follows To ascertain the various constraint faced by women in their enterprise. To identify different strength and weakness of women entrepreneur. To identify various psychological characteristics of women entrepreneur. To know the problems faced by women entrepreneur in setting their enterprise. To know the opportunities and threat faced by women entrepreneurs in Rajasthan.

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What are the contributions of women in entrepreneurship?
Women have made significant contributions to entrepreneurship, from founding successful businesses to inspiring and mentoring other entrepreneurs. Women have also been instrumental in creating new industries, such as the tech industry, and have been at the forefront of developing innovative products and services. Women entrepreneurs have also been instrumental in creating jobs and economic opportunities for other women.
What are the contributions of entrepreneurship to national economy?
Entrepreneurship is an important contributor to national economies, as it creates jobs, drives innovation, and encourages competition. Entrepreneurship also helps to diversify the economy, as it encourages the development of new products and services, and can help to stimulate economic growth. Additionally, entrepreneurs often bring new ideas and perspectives to the economy, which can help to create new markets and industries.
What is the role of women in economic development?
Women play an important role in economic development by providing labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. Women are increasingly becoming more involved in the labor force, and their participation in the economy is essential for economic growth. Women also have the potential to contribute to economic development through their access to capital, technology, and other resources.
What is the role of entrepreneurship in women empowerment?
Entrepreneurship plays an important role in women empowerment by providing women with the opportunity to become financially independent and to gain control over their own lives. It also helps to create more job opportunities for women, which can help to reduce gender inequality in the workplace. Finally, entrepreneurship can help to create a more inclusive and diverse business environment, which can help to promote gender equality in society.

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