Work permit processes for Americans in the U.K

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The immigration and nationality act 2006, seeks to establish whether the person working in a foreign country does so on valid and legal grounds, with a clean work permit, valid passports and visa which he or she must apply for. These mentioned documents given by astute grants an individual right to live, work or study in foreign countries.

In order to acquire of Visa, passports and work permits, one is required to follow a particular procedures such getting the required information from the embassy of the countries they want to migrate to, following the steps required by producing certain personal documents like identification card, birth certified and other testimonials to show that you are true citizen of your country and so, legible for the application of the immigration visa to another countries. It is in this regard that this paper seeks to explore all the processes and requirements for American citizens to work legally in the United Kingdom.

Towards achieving this, the paper is going to look at the documents required in the application process and all the conditions that an American must meet to Qualify in getting the Visa to legally work study or even live in the United Kingdom (U. K). Introduction Global Visa according to The International immigrations policy, provides Up immigration and visa services primarily under the conditions and systems which meet international standard and able to efficiently help one to apply and acquire visa for their needs. It therefore charges a fee to process the visa.

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Work permit allows any American citizen to work legitimately in any foreign country after he or she has migrated to that country for a specific job or/and a specific person (peter 1997). Several Americans today are scattered world over and are working there legally either as an individual or a corporate body, because of the work permit. To obtain a work permit to work in the U. K, an American will first state the nature of his or her profession and similarly, the type of passport he or she requires. This might be either temporary, temporary renewable or permanent.

According to the US department of immigration, work permits are structured to suit mostly, middle class workers or to a larger extent expatriate migrating to the UK and have proof for the employment offers in the UK by a company in British. The stated provision is based on the system of tier 1 and tier 2 work permits Those tier 1 and 2 work permit, as observed, demands any American relocating to the Up to have a certificate of sponsorship, which basically is the ability to have a sponsor from the Highly Skilled Migrant programme(Genevieve 1997).

On him other hand, work permit grants Americans and other nationalities, the possibilities of a permanent residence in the UK either through the program British naturization to be UK citizen. The work permits are different depending on the person applying. They range from; Training and Work experience Scheme, which is issued to train worker who especially have a need of the on the job training. It suits individuals with short term work permit needs. In addition, another work permit is the Intra Company Transfer which in essence enables corporate organizations and companies to bring some of their staff member to the UK.

In a nutshell, work permits generally ensures that Americans working in the UK and any other nationality working abroad and overseas, have the legal rights to work in foreign countries (Paul 2008). Requirements for American to obtain UK work permit Most importantly, Americans got to access information regarding visa applications, types of visas available, the requirements such as processing fees, check whether they qualify for the Visa they want and be acquainted with all the logistics involved in the application of visa such as any recent changes as well as the time in the year when the visa processing is due.

According to UK Border Agency, detailed and clearly explained conditions on entry clearance are all found in the immigration rules (Andrius 2006). Other sources of information for visa application can be obtained from the British High commissions and other visa commercial partners found in the US like World Bridge Services. UK puts some restrictions on who should apply for the visa. It is therefore upon the applicant to check whether hi or her citizenship is eligible to apply for the visa.

This is because, some category of citizens many not be entitled to apply (peter 1997). Another vital requirement is whether an applicant has valid travel documents and passports offered in his government and approved by the British high commission in America. In regard to the standing laws that govern the visa application, every American citizen should have the basic documents showing that they are rightful Americans. In so doing the issue of being denied the work permit and visa are minimized.

In accordance to migration ethics, every immigrant should willful agree on the type of the work permit he wants and ready to meet the necessary conditions (Andrius 2006). In addition, if the above mentioned conditions are met, the applicant needs to show a recommendation from their employer giving them permission to work in the UK (Paul 2008). Such a letter, according to the immigrations sate department should explain the period of time you have worked and how you are rate in your employment.

Supposing you are self employed, proof of your assets, liabilities and the whole financial position should be clearly explained (Paul 2008). Together with the passport and travel documents, a recent passport size color photograph of the applicant is required. This will be taken in accordance with the biometric standards of the UK. Still to mention, a proof for payment of the visa, validity period and the nature of employment for which the work permit is being sought are also put in consideration.

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