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Basic Processes

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Reproduction is a process by which a new individual organism of the species is produced biologically, which in turn, helps to continue to species. Bacteria usually reproduce by a process of simple cell division (or binary fission), in which one cell would divide into two daughter cells (break in the cell wall and the naked DNA).

However, bacteria can also exchange genetic material through various other processes such as transformation, transduction and bacterial conjugation (Spiritus Temporis, 2008).

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Grasshoppers reproduce sexually through conjugation, when the male introduces the sperms into the ovipositor of the female. Once the eggs get fertilized by the sperms in the micropyles, the female lays the eggs underground or on plants. The eggs take about 3 to 4 weeks to hatch. Finally tiny larvae emerge from the eggs and are ultimately undergo transformation into adults. The grasshoppers are transformed to an adult stage by a process known as hemimetabolous (in which their bodies become bigger and their wing size increases; it involves 6 stages) (Science Jrank, 2008).

Fish reproduce by sexual means, and usually lay eggs, although in some species (such as sharks), the young ones are directly born. Through conjugation, the sperms from the males are introduced into the body of the female. Once the eggs get fertilized, the female my either lay them into a nest or further development of the eggs takes place in the body of the female. Besides heterosexual reproduction, a single individual may have both sex organs and produce sperms and eggs.

They would fertilize the eggs by themselves and release the eggs that would further hatch. Another mode by which fish can reproduce is ‘parthenogenesis’, by which the unfertilized eggs would be released and develop into embryos (Lookd, 2008). Bears reproduce sexually by mating (which is seasonal), depending on the area in which they live. The seasonal mating is to ensure that the young ones emerge when the conditions are favorable for survival. The male and the female mate for a few weeks and once this is done, they go their separate ways.

Depending on the species of bears, the female is pregnant for about 7 to 9 months. Once the embryo is formed through fertilization of the egg by the sperm, it remains inactive for as long as 6 months without undergoing any growth or development. The embryo then matures in the uterus after getting implanted. After the young ones are born, the mother suckles it till the age of 3 months (MSN Encarta, 2008). References: Lookd (2008). Fish Reproduction, Retrieved on October 12, 2008, from Lookd Web site: http://www. lookd. com/fish/reproduction.

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