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" Champion aren't made In the gyms. Champions are made from something they have Inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision" (Muhammad All). Sports are the basic of everything that a person learns in his/her childhood. There is no known date or time when the sports started. Played from the day the mankind exists. Sometimes played for recreation, sometimes play, sometimes money and sometimes for the pride. There are some people who are not keeping with the sportsmanship in the game and are using some other means to enhance their performance. Sports first played officially In the times of the Romans.

When the first time the mall Olympic were held was In the Athens. Now the sports and games came a long way. The standard of the games have increased a lot in the past few years. The competition in the games has increased a lot. The prize money have also increased a lot in the game, from the crown of olive leaves the 1. 6 billion dollars in the past few years. This drastic change/elevation in the amount have lead in the increase of the interest in the games as they see a lot of money In these games Firstly considered he waste of time by the people and later became the source of earning money and recreation.

Sports are means of physical and mental growth. Sports Increase our capabilities and also improve our efficiency. According to the peoples in the past the sports are just the waste if time which could be utilized in some better ways. As some of the business mans realize that sports is a great way to earn money they invested there money In it. Some of the people think that study is everything and children must be emphasized more on the studies this Is something that I completely disagree with.

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Everyone got his/her own credibility and we cannot change and we must not change that spouse if Michael Cordon's family asked him to study not to play and didn't provide him the source from the day he was in school. Sports are now a day a great career to be selected, as there is a lot of money in it. Sports teaches us the discipline in which the particular sports is to be played and the way in which one must be coordinative with his/her team members, develops In us team spirit. Sports make us mentally and physically more tough and also help us to malignant our body In good heap and make us more active and more stronger.

Sports teach the ability of leadership and working under the order of someone. Sports are great way in which one can learn the ability of patience and the ability to accept the defeat. These are some things that most of us find very difficult to learn. As Wifely Shed describes in his writing " the money in the sports is only for the business mans, not for the players" (Willful Shed). The author here want to put emphasis on how the players are exploited by the team owners, as the players are to given the money which they should be given in return of there hard work.

As coin has two sides, it is same in the case of sports and games. There are certain things related with the sports that are not spouse to be part of it. Use of steroids and other performance enhancing products are used very frequently now a days by the players in different sports like bodybuilding, athletics etc. According to news now each and every player in the baseball is on drugs. A-Rod himself in the interview have approved that he was taking some kind of performance enhancing drugs.

Some of them are forced to do that but some of them are Just taking them so that they could do better in the games. As the level of competition is raising now the level of usage of steroids is also climbing towards the sky at the same peace. These professional athletes are getting paid a lot of money because they are doing really well in their sports, and why are they doing well? It may be because they have a lot of talent and put a lot of time in training, but also a lot of it could be the use off performance enhancing drugs. So essentially they are getting paid to take the drugs.

The athletes that are using the drugs are increasing their talent substantially, and making the honest athletes that aren't taking drugs look bad as they are not getting so many homeruns or get as many quarterback sacks. Now I feel this is not how it should be. The athletes should be tested more frequently, and the ones caught with drugs should be put to a stop as this is spoiling the whole meaning of the sports and fun. Its not only the drug issue but there are certain other issues that are related with the games. Racist discrimination is one of the common things that we encounter in he sports and games.

Racism has been a stain on the soul of soccer for generations, and not only in the soccer but also other sports too. If there is a match between a black and a white man the whole community of blacks and the whites think to be the match of there prides. Women's are also criticized in the sports and this thing is becoming common in these days. Women are Just considered good for cheerleaders and some things that they can't be good players but the people forget about the William sisters how they raised the bar by their consistency.

Women's are Just thought to be a sort of entertaining thing in the sports, as they look sexy when they are dressed in the cheerleader's dresses. There are always two side of everything this is upon us that which side is worth considering. Sports are very helpful in maintain a good body and moreover it teaches us good morals. Only thing I want to say is that sports are the essential part of our life and we must enjoy it and live that life too. And folks if you want to get rid of this drugs thing than we need to get hard, the players must be checked more frequently to get it done and the against it must be made more strict.

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