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Why Cheating In Sports Is Prevalent

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Cheating can occur anywhere around us. Somebody who is in a classroom, a basketball court, football field, and a baseball ring are secretly cheating to enhance their chance to become a better athlete. Some might even say that it’s the nature of the competition that will arise these athletes to be cheaters. Others are believing that there too much pressure being put on these athletes.

Many current athletes are secretly following the cheating habits of Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong, they haven’t come to the realization of culture, and the way people are viewing the sport. So what is convincing these athletes that it’s fair to cheat? Is it the trainers who amaze the athletes by showing them how steroids can better your game? Is it the will and determination of winning every single game? Some are just cheating to see the disappointment their opponents are facing with themselves, and are stopping their opponents from seeing their achievements.

Argueably one of the greatest baseball players in history named Barry Bonds is also one of the biggest cheaters in the history of the baseball sport. Being a Major League Baseball player for about 21 years to the Pittsburg Pirates but was mainly for the San Francisco Giants, Bonds is holding a bunch of reward winning awards. For Most Home Runs off all time, he also has at the most 7 most valuable player, 4 consecutive, and much much more.

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In 2003, Barry Bonds’ names was the key figured with BALCO scandal, just like any other athlete he denied that he was in fact using a performance enhancing drug which was why he was actually growing in his career. In the year of 2007 he had been indicted because he had been allegedly lied under oath in court about his involvement with the use of steroids. During the scandal there were quite a few allegations that proved that he in fact failed drug tests back in the years 2001 and 2002. The years he had his most productive seasons.

The paperwork used even showed that even his trainer at this time named Greg Anderson, was also indicated by the grand jury for distributing anabolic steroids to many of his baseball clients. Even with all of this information Barry Bonds still declined that his body wasn’t changing because of the steroids but because he was on a very strict diet and also a workout program. April 13, 2011 Barry Bonds was convicted on a obstruction of justice charge for trying to avoid a question while being under oath. Although his sentence didn’t include prison time, he had lost every single ounce of respect from his fans. Now his career now has an asterisk next to it.

With the evolution of the drug in the sport of baseball. It may sound inevitable that every athlete is cheating. You may think that if everyone is using the drug the games be more entertaining. The use of the drug isn’t to accidentally, it’s to use to gain an advantage against his or her opponent. If every single athlete was using steroids it would be natural for them to use it and upgrade their dosage and damage the inside of their bodies fatally.

Easily the most dangerous cheater today has to be Lance Armstrong who is a famous cyclist. Despite his diagnoses with cancer at the age of 25 he focused secretly on doping so he could make a return to the sport. He came to win 5 more Tour de France titles. Which made him go down as the best cyclist in history.

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