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When One Parent Loses a Job

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Melissa McAfee Mrs. Bastian Dev022 April 11, 2013 First draft The Impact when one parent loses a Job When one parent loses a job it impacts the whole family. My household went from two incomes to one, in a matter of months. There was no time to prepare. My husband Bucky works for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad; therefore his pay was never the same. So, my income was very important. I got paid the same amount every two weeks. We could budget our expenses off that amount. We always had extra money, a savings account and a Christmas fund in place.

We had the luxuries of two incomes. Lucky for us we didn’t live outside our budget. I was employed with US Cable for eight years. I succeed well in my job making a good income. I took several related courses to achieve the most in my pay. Taking every cable, internet, and telephone course offered. For very passing test we got a raise, this was something we were offered to do in our own time. We could even work Saturdays for overtime, and there was always someone who would give up there day to work.

Julie would always give up her Saturday. Mcafee-2 My husband Bucky doesn’t worry about me working. It will work out, it always does he would say. Easy for him to say I liked having my own money! I didn’t really worry much until the day after Jan. 23, 2013. Then it hit me I will no longer have a paycheck, or a job to go too. I have worked at the same place just shy over eight years. What would I do when all I am use to is being extremely busy all day: between work and family. Well you see that didn’t change.

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When One Parent Loses a Job

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I gained more family time. My two oldest daughters didn’t live at home anymore. So, we got too hang out more together. I got to spend more time with my new grandson Lane. My daughter Donna had just started college. My title became grandma-sitter. My daughter Deana liked to come over and spoil her nephew, when she wasn’t working. My youngest daughter Shelby also enjoyed me being home. I picked her up from school and most days she would get a sweet tea from McDonalds. That was a treat.

My husband Bucky also enjoyed me home during the day. You see there were many days we would go without seeing each other; because of our schedules. In the conclusion we gained more family time and more family meals. We would actually dine out two to three times a week: before my job ended. Now it’s maybe that a month. The effect of losing my job became a blessing really. As of today I am a full time student at college and have made more memories with my family. The effect was well worth the impact.

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