Marketing Use of Humor and Ethos and Pathos in the “Alex Loses Her Voice” Commercial

Last Updated: 31 Jan 2023
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In today’s world, the newest devices, trends, and celebrities have a big impact on young adults, especially on which products they should buy. Amazon took advantage of this and targeted young adults by using the biggest celebrities and music to advertise Alexa, a technological device that allows people to do tasks hands free. In the “Alex Loses Her Voice” commercial, Alexa loses her voice and Amazon brings in celebrities such as Rebel Wilson, Gordon Ramsey, Cardi B, and more to try and replace the job of Alexa. These celebrities fail trying to take part in Alexa’s job by responding miserably to these tasks in a way that makes the audience laugh. The commercial is a primary example of Ethos and Pathos by bringing in trendy celebrities and watching them fail at the task in an amusing way to target the young adults watching the commercial to buy an Alexa.

In the commercial, 'Alexa loses her voice', Amazon introduces the Alexa to increase device sales. The commercial is aimed at both teenagers and adults by purposefully involving several famous artists as an eye catcher. The ad shows a woman, in her 30s, who brushes her teeth and asks Alexa about the weather. However, Alexa had lost her voice and is not able to respond. This causes the introduction of Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, and Anthony Hopkins, which impacted the commercial because of their humorous personalities as they try to substitute for the Alexa. These famous people have a reputation in the field of theater, famous cooking shows, and rap.

This introduces kairos by taking advantage of the time by using relevant celebrities at the time the commercial was made. This is because these celebrities are all relevant and known when the commercial came out and Amazon knows that through these celebrities it will grab the attention of its young viewers. While the commercial is manipulating the audience to buy the product, the ad also has some setbacks. The commercial does not fully explain the logic behind it. However, the commercial with the steps back follows and presumes that its purpose of convincing the audience to buy the Alexa. Throughout the commercials of Amazon, Alexa is a device that can follow any command that is given and help others by using several techniques that Amazon creates for the viewer's point of view.

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Although logos is not the strongest appeal in the commercial, throughout the commercial the audience sees the actors using the Alexa by just speaking to it, showing the audience how the Alexa works and how it is essential for an easier everyday life. Amazon approaches the logos appeal in the commercial by making its audience see how the Alexa can be used hands-free to do tasks such as playing music, stating basic facts, and even saying how the weather is. Through this the audience can see how the Alexa helps simplify and organize tasks for everyday life. The commercial uses celebrities to try to replace Alexa, but when they fail miserably, Amazon is trying to convey to its audience that an Alexa is a one of a kind device that cannot be replaced.

This leads to the chain of reasoning that buying an Alexa is essential for the everyday life of anyone. In addition, throughout the announcement, logos was applied for each question that was asked to Alexa where it would seem logical for anyone who sees the video. For example, one of the questions that were asked were: 'How far is Mars?', the logic behind that question is not rocket science and can be easily explained, which can be compared to how easy it is to ask Alexa. This question was answered by Cardi B, a famous rapper. She said: 'How far is Mars, how am I supposed to know that I've never been there? There is not even oxygen there”. Cardi B's response was very logical and humorous at the same time by amusing the audience while still incorporating the reasoning behind her response. Amazon uses logos appeals that also reflect pathos appeals that help convince the audience to buy the product by stating facts as well as adding humor.

The first and strongest technique that Amazon applies is pathos. That is, this commercial is a way of attracting a sense of humor through the use of entertaining celebrities. For example, when Gordon Ramsay was asked to give a recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich his response was very capricious and had a strong impact on the audience. The humor towards Gordon Ramsay's response was very specific and captured the sense of happiness of the spectators. In addition, Gordon's personality also helps to persuade the hilarious role in the commercial. Another example is when a man asked Cardi B to play country music and Cardi B plays her music instead. She then starts dancing and singing her own song which creates an amusing and entertaining part of the ad for its audience. Therefore, this commercial addressed the audience using mainly pathos, to attract emotions such as humor by using the celebrities to appeal to the audience.

In addition, the commercial also emphasizes the use of ethos. The use of ethos is what makes the commercial reliable and credible. In general, Amazon has been a company known for creating many popular products, like Alexa, due to this over time the company has had a great impact on technology. However, commercial credibility is shown by putting famous comedians that the public admires or already knows. Celebrities have a big impact for viewers because it makes the ad look reliable due to the fact that they are well known to people around the world through television and movies. In the commercial, four famous figures were used to grasp the audience's attention and persuade them into buying a product.

Cardi B and Rebel Wilson are two famous celebrities who are also well known for empowering others. Anthony Hopkins and Gordon Ramsay are two men who have a monumental impact on the commercial because of the respect they obtain by many. However, the commercial also values ​​the use of ethos by showing the public about asking for help when necessary. Along the commercial people asked the simplest questions and were explicitly answered each time. In particular, towards the end of the ad, a woman asks Alexa to call Brandon, however, Anthony Hopkins responds with 'I'm afraid Brandon is a little tied, but let me know if there is something I can help you with Jessica”. The credibility of the commercials is shown through telling the audience that Alexa can be asked anything and will respond in the most understandable and easiest way possible.

In conclusion, the commercial 'Alexa loses her voice' has impacted many viewers and led to them buying the product. The commercial has formed several ways to show the Alexa product, therefore, it leaves the audience with no choice but to buy the item. Through the use of humor, reasoning, and credibility the commercial was organized in a certain way so that the public could have an appeal to. Throughout the commercial, the images and techniques that were used in the Amazon's 'Alexa Loses Her Voice” commercial has a great way to sell the technology Alexa device through the use of humor and celebrities that help persuade the young viewers.

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