What Technology Has Made America Today

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Technology has been a very big contribution to this generation. Like everything in this world, things age as well as evolve and change. One aspect that has begun to change is where and how we use technology. Three major examples are in the work place, how we monitor our elderly parents or siblings, and how it improved our medicine.

While these three topics may seem very different, after reading two articles from the New York Times and one from The New Yorker, “Technologies Help Adult Children Monitor Aging Parents” and “The Year of the Multitaskers’ Revenge," from the TImes and "The Way We Age Now" from The New Yorker, you can see they are also alike in many ways. One similarity these three pieces of writing share is that life can be much easier with the use of technology as you age. At the work place, technology can help one stay on top of tasks he or she has to complete before the day is done with reminders on a smart phone or their work computer.

Also, when it comes to monitoring aging parents, a reminder on any type of technology device they are able to use can help one remember to take their pills or blood pressure for example. And finally technology has improved medicine which has lead to people living longer and reaching higher ages before death. Another similarity these three articles also have in terms of technology is people may not want to be watched or monitored. Whether it be in the work place or at home no one wants to feel they are not independent and being observed at all times.

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At work one can be monitored by cameras and by supervisors checking their computer history. According to the article “Technologies Help Adult Children Monitor Aging Parents,” a child adult can be updated on almost everything their parent does including opening doors and cabinets, taking out pills and medication, and even what time they got out of bed. In America this may not sit well with a lot of people and can very well cause a person to choose not to work a this facility. It can also cause an elderly parent to look elsewhere for permanent residence.

With people living longer this is becoming more likely for people to use some type of technology to monitor an elderly sibling. Efficiency is another similarity all of these articles share. Technology has helped America be more efficient. For example in the work place, one can file and keep everything organized simply by putting things into files electronically and not worrying about transferring them anywhere else by carrying them. There are different ways to transfer files such as emails and file sharing.

You can even save files to a memory card or flash drive to take electronic things to go. When it comes to child adults monitoring their parents, technology can help the children by receiving updates straight to their phone about their parents needs in a stress-free manner. Lastly technology has caused medicine to make elderlies immune systems more efficient. Things like digital machines that can take blood sugar levels instead of getting a prick on your finger help efficiency, which is causing people to live longer than we are used to.

Along with these similarities there are also differences, one being the elderly may not use or need technology to continue with their daily lives, but at a work place it can be mandated to use on a daily basis. Some jobs may have training for using technology and in order to get the job you may need to know how to work a computer. On the other hand an elderly person may choose to be monitored and learn how to use technology at their own free will. Other elderly people may not use any type of technology.

For example, going to the doctors office and using their technology to better their health. One reason they may choose not to use technology is because it was not a part of their generation and they don't think they would find it useful. Another difference between these three writings is the types of challenges it may cause for the person using technology. In a work environment technology may cause an employee to lose focus on the job because he or she is multi-tasking or focusing on their phone, facebook, or some type of other social networking.

In an elderly home, the person might not fully know how to use all the technology and this may cause some type of frustration. Not only can it be hard for them to figure it out if it gets damaged they most likely would not know how to repair it and calling some one to fix it would make them feel dependent on others. One other difference with technology from the work place and at home with an elderly parent is the kind of entertainment it provides you, or if it provides any type entertainment.

At work social networks and music can help one move through the day much more smooth and rapidly. Some elderly parents or siblings can become annoyed or not even engage in any of the technology present in the house. Many elderly like to do things that have nothing to do with technology, like garden and going for walks. So even though the technology has some sort of entertainment for them they might not even use it. With medicine, pills, blood pressure cuffs, or anything else one might have to take or use for health can be very unpleasant.

A result of technology is its ability to make America more efficient. It also can be beneficial to everyones life, even the people who are aging. Though there are some arguments that claim it does not always have a positive impact, like the distraction it may have during ones work day. The pros do outweigh the cons and it is better to have technology in the workplace. It is beneficial to child adults as well, if their parent lives in a different city, town, or even state they can keep up with their habits and health all through a phone or computer.

Not only does it help the child but the parent as well because the parent still gets to live independently and can speak to their children quickly and easily as long as they learn to use the technology device. Technology has also helped Americans to live longer than usual and as the technology and medicine increase so does the average age of a person passing. It can also help other people with everyday things, and it is rapidly improving from day to day. As people continue to age technology will continue to grow. As long as we keep ourselves up to date everyone can see aging and technology can go hand in hand. `

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