What is the point of saving endangered species?

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2022
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Endangered species are becoming extinct as we speak. That leads me to ask, is there anyway we can keep endangered species from going extinct? This question is very bold. Some people argue and say that if the species is endangered then it deserves to go extinct, natural selection. But there is a whole mass of people that would say, we can decrease the extinction rates if we just made the environment more capable to live in. The amount of trash we produce in one day is mind blowing. If we just put that trash in the right place then the extinction rates would start declining.

A small group of people would argue that a lot of the already extinct species should be extinct. Their reasoning is that they couldn’t survive the environment that they were put it so why do they deserve to live in it. At some point you have to agree with them, some animals just aren’t suited for the environment that they are thrown into so they go extinct. But the fact that the environment is changing so quickly and the animals can’t keep up is mostly our own doing.

The first way we could help the environment is just as simple as taking care of our environment. If we started to organize park clean-ups then the trash wouldn’t be able to find its way to a river or ocean. As Dr. Martin, an environmental scientist at Oxford, puts it “just by picking up one piece of trash on your morning walk you can help millions of animals.” Just a few simple steps can lead to a world with a healthier environment and a world with more animals. The animals would really appreciate your help.

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Another way that we could help the animals is to decrease the amount of global warming that we are producing. May studies show that most of the extinct animals come from the north and the south poles. The reason for extinction is a loss in habitat. Some easy ways that would could stop their habitat from being lost is to take public transportation more often. As Mr. Garcia, a pollution expert, states it “if we just cut down the amount of gas that the human race uses we could decrease the rates of which pollution is increasing.” Just a little bit of effort could keep the glaciers from melting.

The third and final reason that I want to bring is that there are still some people going against that law go poach animals just to make a quick buck. These ignorant people have no common sense. These animals were put on a no kill list because they are essential to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. These poachers go into the wild and will a specific animals to make a few dollars and it is ethically wrong. Dr. Martin also states that “Illegal wildlife trafficking is pushing elephants, rhinos and tigers to the brink of extinction.”

In the end, if us humans just take care of our animals and environments we will not cause extinction. If we just clean up after ourselves, be mindful about are gas and oil usage, and if we just obey the law put into place then our favorite animals, like the elephant and the tiger, may not go extinct. Just think about your actions before you do them.

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