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Land for Human Needs or Endangered Animals

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Some people may own the idea that since animal is inferior to human beings, human has the rights to deprive lands which the animals living in. I can not confute that human needs lands eagerly, however, we still have the responsibility to call back the endangered animals.

Species evolved slowly with thousands of hundreds of centuries of development. Certain species has certain type of living. As a result, hardly can it be alive when we suddenly changed its living pace. Certainly we know it, whereas, we are still changing their living place by cutting down trees, polluting the water, and using land which originally belongs to theirs to build metropolitans for us to stay. Now that human can be aware of the danger the animals are facing, we should protect the habitats of endangered animals.

Another important reason to protect endangered animals is that they keep the ecological balance of the very area which might be harmed by their extinction. For instance, if people destroy the forests the birds are living in and use it for growing crops, the number of pests will increase sharply, resulting from the decrease of birds. The result is, not only did birds lose their homes, human have also be harmed. Thus, to prevent this kind of tragedy happen, why not try to cut down the demand of land? Maybe you just did a tiny thing, but you made a big progress.

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Moreover, I think it is cruel to show the specimen of a panda to our descendants, or point to a sample in a museum and tell them this is the Siberian tiger. We are able to see the real one while they cannot, and the cause of this inequality is owing to the destruction of land. What a shame! Therefore, I cannot agree with the idea that human needs for farmland, housing, and industry are more important than saving land for endangered animals.

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