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In today's world people should be more concern about saving every specious of plant and animal. Every plant or animal species including man plays important role in the life cycle.

Let us consider simple example, supponse in our envirnoment we do lot of deforestation for home, industry, schools, hospitals, etc..This will spoil whole natural life cycle. Lot of species will be destoryed in doing so. Suppose the loss has resulted in decreasing and increasing death ratio. Beacause of which the carnivours animal will start dying due to lack of food or we can say dependency. Then the human will have to suffer with this. No food and the environment changes like abnormal rain or temperature raise. Whole cycle will be diturbed.

Global warming for example has occured due to pollutions,deforestation. Which leads to lot of recent problems like the oxygen layer is torn. There is climate changes, need of products is increased. Chipko andolan was one of the step taken by the indians in 1970's. The people hugged the tree to save it from cuting of it.

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Today human is running behind time and fanancial status by puting in lot of efforts. He is least bothered about the nature. Every man want his finacial status to be high.He is constructing huge and scads of building, industries, factories, bridges, roads for which they are destroying the beatiful nature. In this race we are least bothered about the nature. Resulting in weather change; heavy rain in the desert area and temperature raise in tropical regions. Human is the creator of all. We have to think and know very well that "human is dependent on nature and vise versa".

To conclude with we should try to save every plant and animal species regardless of our fanancial well being,effort,time.

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