Critically Endangered Species Analysis

Last Updated: 19 Oct 2020
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Plants and animals are a great design by the environment. Unfortunately, they face a high risk of extinction throughout the world. There are more than 30000 of species are currently in danger of becoming extinct because of human misbehavior. Lank clearing for development, hunting for sport and get fur, unwanted publicity are some reasons to decrease the population of the species.
Threatened species are divided into three categories.

Critically endangered, Endangered and Vulnerable Critically endangered species is a species that is extremely likely to become extinct in the immediate future. Some of the species consider as critically endangered as Amur leopard, ferula mushroom, Crossriver gorilla. White ferula mushroom is classified as critically endangered because of the limit its land is. Cross river gorilla is also critically endangered species. people hunt gorillas because of their aggressive behavior and get their fur. Endangered species are more at risk being wiped out altogether. They have so- called Red List.

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Siberian sturgeon, Tahiti reed warbler, blue whale, green turtle are some endangered species. Siberian sturgeon is one of the endangered species. They found from Siberian region of Asia. Past 60 years their total population decrease between 50% and 80%. overfishing, poaching and damp construction have caused for decline population. Because of that Siberian sturgeon was classified as endangered species.

Also the Tahiti Reed Warbler is also put into the bulk of endangered species. Tahiti Reed Warblers’ living places are bamboo tees and also bamboo trees provide food for them. However, now a day Tahiti Reed Warblers consider as endanger specie. The reason is people destroy bamboo forest for their purposes. When compared to the other category vulnerable species are the least at risk of extinction. Ethiopian Banana Frog, Galapagos kelp, Snaggletooth shark are some of vulnerable species.

The snaggletooth Shark is found in the coastal water of the pacific and Indian oceans. Snaggletooth Shark is classified as vulnerable species because of a decrease the population rate. Population rate has fallen more than 10% over 10 years. People hunt the sharks because of its flesh, fins and liver are considered high quality. Not only that Ethiopian Banana Frog also is vulnerable species.

People restrict forest for their purposes so those animals have to live limited space. As their habited becomes very limited, the population also decline. Another species that is threatened with extinction is Galapagos Kelp. These animal only found near the Galapagos Island. In the Pacific Ocean. They are confined to those areas because they are an animal that lives in cold water. But now the aquatic life division has been greatly affected by the rapid raise in water temperature.

The harm done to environment by the man must be corrected by man himself. So it is high time we must take serious measure to help these animals increase their population and get them off the endangered species list. Firstly, we should educate people from the child about the importance of animals and trees in maintain the ecosystem and to medical research and how to protect environment and how to save endangered animals in particular. Secondly, the governments are all over the world should setup rules for protect wild life and stablish national parks and wild life preserves as many as possible and must enforce striker law with more serious punishment.

Protecting wild life not only the single person’s responsibility but also it is duty of solidarity of human being all over the world before they will have gone forever.

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