What Can Indivuduals Do to Help Protect Environment and Why?

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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Introduction: The environment is defined as all the elements (biotic or abiotic) that surround an individual or species, some of which directly contribute to support herself one, or as all natural conditions (physical, chemical, biological) and cultural (sociological) can act on living organisms and human activities.

The twenty-first century, environmental protection has become a major issue, along with the idea of necessary degradation of both global and local, because of human pollution. The preservation of the environment is one of the three pillars of sustainable development. It is also the seventh of the eight Millennium Development, considered by the UN as "crucial to the success of the other objectives outlined in the Declaration of the Millennium Summit". Protecting the environment is preserved and the future survival of humanity.

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Indeed, the environment is our source of food and drinking water. Air is our source of oxygen. The climate allows our survival. And biodiversity is a potential reservoir of drug. Preserving the environment is a matter of survival. In fact in this report we will talk about why protect the environment is important and secondly we will see how we can help to protect the environment. Protect the environment, why is it important? Protecting the environment is important for our lives, for a healthy lifestyle but also to the development of the species because there is still much to discover.

That is why the protection of the environment is important, now, we will see now through food, air climate and other points of how the protect the environment is essential. * Everything we eat and drink comes from nature. Or any pollution ends up one day in our food: in the water we drink or what we eat. And these pollutants can cause us to develop diseases or malformations. Protect our food source is to preserve the survival and therefore the future of humanity. * The air is absolutely essential to our survival. We cannot survive more than a few minutes without breathing.

The air brings oxygen fuel cells. But breathing, we do not inhale that of oxygen. We absorb a lot of other things. With each breath, we inhale gases and particles that are in the atmosphere. Some of these gases and particles are harmful to our bodies. With each inspiration, we take a bit of poison. Breathing then puts our health at risk and makes us sick. While breathing should only be keep us alive. Protecting air quality is the health and therefore the future of humanity. * Our societies have ways of life adapted to current climate.

If the climate changes, our societies will not fit there. Some regions will suffer serious disorders. According to the parts of the world, there will be a rise in the water, droughts, and floods repeated, severe storms… These disasters will flee or decimate populations. People will have to move or change their lifestyle. Conflicts break out to live in areas spared. Flora and fauna will evolve with the changing climate. Some plants will no longer be appropriate. Local agriculture will be affected. Parasites will spread to new areas, spreading disease to humans, plants and animals.

We are already beginning to see that the overall temperature of the Earth increases. And this change is extremely fast. Nature will not have time to adapt. The current balance is upset. Careful not to damage the environment is to preserve the delicate balance of the Earth and therefore the future of humanity. * Biodiversity is the variety of plant and animal species in nature. All these species must be respected and preserved. But all these species are also necessary for the survival and future of man. Plants and animals can contribute to our health.

For it is among the wildlife, sometimes unknown, that man has yet discovered or discovers drugs. These are also the wildlife that can help our agriculture. They can help improve performance and disease resistance of our plantations or our farms. Nature is a source of future discoveries and solutions to our problems. It would be suicidal to destroy all that before they could benefit. Preserving biodiversity is to save a tank of future solutions to our problems. That safeguards the future of humanity. What can individuals do to help protect environment?

Become more environmentally friendly is not as difficult as we might think. There are small things we can do every day to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our negative impact on the environment. Every action and every thought, action is environmentally friendly. Caring for the Earth is a responsibility, a privilege or a treat of citizens! Elements to return to the Developer in the previous section, we will see how man can help the environment. * For the food: we must therefore ensure that nature produces a water and healthy food in sufficient quantity.

For this, we must avoid polluting the soil and seas. * For the air: we should not carelessly dismiss or distribution of chemicals in excess. We must be careful not to pollute our atmosphere. * For the climate: we must not reject it harmful gases or particles dangerous to life. We have to limit our impact on climate by reducing our emissions of greenhouse gas emissions. For our air emissions accentuate the natural greenhouse effect that contributes to heat our planet. For this, we must ensure in particular to limit our energy consumption. For the biodiversity: we must prevent the destruction of natural areas. We need to protect endangered species. There are also others simples way to preserve our environment. We can help reduce pollution just by putting our plastic bottles in a different tray. If we hesitate about the choice between two products, it is preferable to one with less packaging. Considering a building with 7000 employees that recycle all their waste paper for a year, this represents the equivalent of 400 cars off the roads. A simple motto: “The best waste is that it did not produce... Turn off the lights behind us, turn off the computer (and monitor) when we do not have the utility, TV also, use compact fluorescent bulbs or LED the best rather than traditional bulbs. The standby power consumption (stand-by) devices using a current transformer (television, computer, halogen lamps) are not negligible and a power strip with switch can completely disconnect the devices when they are not used. Simple gestures, but very effective on our power consumption. The dryer (dryer) is not always essential.

Enjoy the summer heat and high winds of autumn to dry our clothes (the sun is also the best stain remover and bleach for clothes! ). It is good not to let the water run all the time while we brush our teeth. If we have a toilet that continuously allowed flowing a little water, it may be several tens of litters of water per day. The use of modern toilets (or toilet bio litter) provides, without odor, water savings even greater and provides rewarding compost our waste. Conclusion: In fact, to leave for our children tomorrow, a world livable, breathable and clean, we must start early with them to make them understand.

Do not throw paper wanders by, turning off lights, do not waste water. All this in 3 / 4 years children understand! And then, ourselves, have more responsible attitudes and do not always rely on others to make savings (gas and transportation, sorting, paper everywhere. Every detail is important, and drop-by-drop, we come to a Wed. References: (Reynaud, 2011), Sustainable development in the heart of the company (Managment, 2011), Management, Environmental (Milton, 2011), The environment site (Smouts, 2011), Sustainable Development (Baddache, 2011), Sustainable development on a daily basis

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