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User involvement

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Softline Company is capable to supply their clients/end users with Customized Software Development. Software and technology should not be a fancy privilege anymore; it should be broadly accessible and open for small and big businesses worldwide. Custom software development, provided by Softline Company ensures that clients’ competitive advantages are to be supported in the best way via frequent iterations with end users on every important development stage.

Customers’ involvement is an important add- on to every particular software development project, therefore it is one of the components of the organizational process valued by Softline Company. There is a dedicated team approach used frequently in collaborative agreements made by Softline with their overseas clients. This approach envisages partially presence of customer onsite, working close with his development team and agile communication used afterwards at the most important project’s stages. (Wagner, & Sternberg, 1987) Customer’s involvement allows reaching the complete understanding of end user’s wishes on the project.

It helps to maintain the collaborative relationships with end users accordingly. Involving customer into development process, company receives the opportunity to create the right balance in software company’s customers and end user’s interests. Communication, support of dialogue with developers helps to clarify the requests and assure main performers that there are no issues either on technical or informational background that are able to spoil their work and project understanding. Customer’s involvement is also important criteria in the area of iterations and releases planning, as well as users’ stories and functional testing.

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It is a short way to establishment of respectful relationship with management of the project and mutual understanding of goals (Wagner & Sternberg, 1987). Definition of outsourcing scope Provide. Softline Company is a capable service provider in the sphere of software development and project consultancy. Its extensive services include variety of technologies implementation within advanced development lifecycle usage. Customized software development and solution/ box products adoption are among core company services.

Professional development and servicing staff includes more than 800 employees, among them management is calculated in the quantity of 20%. It is a significant level of certification and management expertise shown throughout the corporation, therefore management out staffing is also among the services provided for partners’ companies. Broke. Softline use broke mode of partnership in servicing clients, which require the strong expertise in BI (Business Intelligence). Among companies – partners there are such internet giants as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and IBM.

The project cases required direct partners’ support can be characterized by additional requirement of platform or expertise basis provided by Softline Partner Company. Broke approach to partnership is especially effective for winning tenders. Maintain. Several years ago, Softline Company made the decision to provide 24/7 support for their US customers. Variants, which were focused on outsourcing of current activity to smaller tightly specialized team in this sphere, were reviewed and found as less cost efficient comparing to variant of using own resources.

The main evaluation criteria were based on ability to extend this service in the future for US and Australia clients with opportunity to provide on line support of 1-4 levels. Contract Out. There is a number of smaller software development inquiries come to Softline analysts’ team daily. The contracts, which do not belong to primary Company expertise and cannot be performed internally, are to be sending out for partners’ development companies, which obtain the requested skills and expertise.

Among such expertise, and requirements there are many unique demands, which are not so easy to perform due to the lack of experienced staff. Partnership agreements with smaller software development companies have subcontracting character with the great capacity for prolonging and changing the subject. The obligations set up in front of Softline’s outsourcing partners require creating and keeping following variety of documentation and procedures: • Project Management

• Testing Procedure • Testing Charter • Quality Audit Management • Quality Assurance • Peer Review • Configuration Management • Standard Software Process • Customer Engagement • Project Estimation • Training • Identification Manual • Document Management • SEPG Charter • Process Development & Improvement • Metrics Collection Analysis • Metrics Program • Implementation Process • Support Process • Procurement • Decision Analysis Resolution • Risk Management • Outsourcing Management

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