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Trifles Symbolism

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For centuries people have been writing dramas, but witnessing the drama of a story is a different kind of experience. There are many elements that make up dramas, including sets/setting, plot, conflict, symbolism, point of view, irony etc. Symbolism is something that can be hard to look for in a drama. A symbol is something that represents more than itself. In a drama props, clothing, or sets could all be used as symbols. When symbolism is added to a play it becomes more sophisticated. A symbol can put a play on a whole new level and get an audience to think of the play in a whole new way.

Symbols are often hard to find and many times you have to re read work to find them. In an article by Hickett she helps readers understand ways to find symbols “There are several ways to recognize symbolism in literature. One is the frequency an object or character is mentioned in a piece of literature--if it is mentioned often, it is probably important. Another way to find a symbol is to look at how much detail is used in describing an object” (1). Susan Glaspell uses many symbols in her play Trifles.

Glaspell uses symbols such as a canary, quilt, birdcage, rocking chair, cherry preserves all have symbolism given to them by Glaspell in the play. She uses her props very well to give them dual meanings that could easily pass ones eye. Each thing has a meaning to help solve the case, and even show who Mrs. Wright really is.

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Trifles Symbolism

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One of the main symbols in the story was the canary. The dead canary shows that Mrs. Wright is capable of murder. Since the bird had a broken neck it shows that it did not die of natural causes. This means that the birds death could also symbolize Mr. Wright’s death. It is up to a reader to determine if Mr. Wright killed the bird so Mrs. Wright killed him, or if Mrs. Wright were to kill both. The Canary could also symbolize the life and happiness Mrs. Wright once experienced but how it was killed by Mr. Wright.

Another key symbol in this story was the bird cage. It symbolizes a guard. Mrs. Wright had a guard up of how her life really was and the way Mr. Wright treated her. She could not show what she was actually going through. It shows how after marriage her life became secluded, like a bird in the cage would be.

The next symbol found in Trifles is the rocking chair. The chair symbolizes calmness. It shows throughout everything that Mrs. Wright is going through and how nervous she may be, while Hale is questioning her she can still remain calm. It shows that the chair was a place of tranquility, somewhere she could spend her time and be in peace.

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What does the bird symbolize in the play trifles?

Hence, a feathered creature in the play "Wastes of time" symbolizes Mrs. Wright, her sweet and agreeable character before the progressions brought about by despondent marriage. The winged animal could be likewise an image of Minnie's unborn kids that she could commit all her affection and minding to in the event that she had them.

Who does the bird symbolize?

The feathered creature is by and large idea to imagery opportunity, they can stroll on the earth and swim in the ocean as people do yet they likewise can take off into the sky. Winged animals are allowed to wander to earth and the sky. Numerous societies accept that they symbolize interminable life; the connection among paradise and earth.

What does the quilt symbolize in trifles?

The blanket speaks to her psychological insecurity. Since she was constantly home alone she invested most her energy making quilts. In the play Mrs. Solidness calls attention to that the one she was simply chipping away at was so decent and, after its all said and done the example went everywhere throughout the place.

What does the cold symbolize in the play trifles?

The virus symbolized the briskness in Minnie Wright's life various ways: the frigidity from her better half, the chilliness from her own depression, from the neighbors around her (particularly the ladies that don't visit, however, she presumably didn't need them to perceive how cool her marriage was), and from the possible ...

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