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Traditional Badminton Rules

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The rules for badminton are similar but also different to the rules of the Special Olympics In the Special Olympics, wheelchair athletes have the option of serving an overhead serve from either the left or right sewing area, In addition, the serving area is shortened to half the distance for the wheelchair athletes In the traditional rules, the athlete is to serve and receive in the right service court when they or their opponent has scored an even amount of points that game The athlete is to serve and receive in the left service court when they or their opponent has scored an odd number of points that game. In both rules, “doubles” are expected to consist of two partners Each team can determine its own order of service and selection of courts in the Special Olympics, but the service can only be delivered by from the right service court where the opponent diagonally from the server shall receive in a traditional badminton match.

In the Special Olympics, the final winner’s score is made by adding all of the six Individual Skills Competition: hand feeding, racket feeding, the “ups“ contest, forehand stroke, backhand stroke, and serve while traditionally at 20 all, the side which gains a 2 point lead first wins that game At 29 all, the side scoring the 30th point wins that game. Track is one of my favorite sports that I am passionate about For those who are not as fortunate as I am, who would also like to participate in the sport, I have developed some strategies so that people from diverse backgrounds and abilities would be able to participate as well, First off, those that are able to run and are participating in the 100m/200m/400m will have the same rules as of the traditional sports However, the will run alone and their times will be recorded when they have finished They will able to have supporters be there for them and cheer for them all the way to the finish line.

The athletes with the fastest times will be the winner of the events If the athlete is having some difficulties and needs to rest due to their condition, the time will be stopped and resumed when the athlete is able to compete again. Medical staff will be present in case of all emergencies. For wheelchair athletes, the events will also be the same, except there will be others who race with them. There will be three other athletes for each heat which will all compete against each other Their times are all recorded and the ones with the fastest times will the events. Track is a sport that should be enjoyed by all, even those with disabilities. With these strategies, athletes in the Special Olympics will be able to compete. They will be able to enjoy the sport for what it is and have no barriers to being able to participate. The Special Olympics is a wonderful thing for athletes as it provides them a way to participate in sports if they cannot participate with the traditional rules of the sport due to their abilities.

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