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How to Choose the Best Badminton String

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Which Replacement String Suits My Needs?

If you are new to the game of Badminton or if you've played the game but haven't yet had the need to shop for replacement string, there are some key considerations and it isn't as simple as just reaching for the first badminton replacement string you find. The simple truth is that shopping for the best replacement string, calls for an important decision on your part.

You'll need to decide which factor is more important to you, durability or power. There's some explanation required here to totally spell this out for you, but before diving into the details you should simply know that in most cases you won't be able to find replacement string that allows you to enjoy the best of both these factors. You will be presented with an important choice.

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Let's Talk Technicalities:

The most basic explanation is that the thinner the badminton string is, the more flexibility you can expect to get from it. As the shuttlecock is hit toward you, it can bounce off these thin strings with no problem. The shuttlecock's reaction is so immediate, it doesn't require that you put a lot of muscle into the returning shot to successfully hit a target a long way into your opponent's court when a thin badminton string is used.

Power Potential versus Durability

The trade-off is that the thin string which gives you power and precision is more fragile and susceptible to snapping. Regardless of how carefully you handle the thinner badminton string, there will come a point when it will simply become worn and even thinner. Eventually, as it becomes even thinner in diameter it will break. If you elect for a thin replacement string you are going to be giving up durability. Obviously, a durable replacement string will not offer you the power and precision of the thinner counterpart.

You can find some exceptions to this dilemma where both a decent amount of durability is paired with above-average striking power, but you essentially will end up with a string that is moderately compromised in both power and durability. The string will have some positives of each factor but won't be very pronounced in either one. For the best result, you should have a general preference between a string that offers power potential or one that offers durability.

What the Heck is A Hitting Sound?

It may surprise you to learn that badminton string manufacturers pay attention to the quality of sound that is made when the shuttlecock hits the strings. This noise is referred to as the "hitting sound." So does this noise actually matter in any significant way? Generally speaking, the hitting sound is a factor that seems odd when you are at the early stages of learning the game.

As you practice badminton and get more familiar with the sounds that the strings make, you will begin to appreciate the immensely satisfying sound that is made when you make solid contact with the shuttlecock. This sound is verification of sorts that you were in perfect position with your racket and hit the shuttlecock just right.

Seasoned players tend to seek that distinctive hitting sound and many swear that badminton strings that produce that "sweet spot" sound will lead to a difference in their ability to play the game. Many purposely seek to find that hitting sound when they're shopping for replacement strings as they want that affirmation and the psychological reward when they achieve a hit with that all so satisfying sound.

Tangible and Not So Tangible Ratings

When you are comparing replacement strings, you will see several specs on the list of features on the packages and they are just what you might expect, length and thickness of the string generally. However, some manufacturers will include less tangible things on the packaging jacket front such as the strings "feeling."

This index is much more subjective and can vary on a wide variety of variables. The feeling rating ranks between "soft", "medium" or "hard." As you might imagine, one person's medium is another person's hard. The feeling index focuses on the kind of response you might expect as you hit the incoming shuttlecock.

Soft, Medium or hard?

Soft feeling strings will have a very light feeling and barely register. It might be described as if you hit the shuttlecock with a cushion. People who enjoy a soft feeling string prefer them as they put less stress on your arms. Beginners will often be more comfortable with a soft feeling string and then graduate to firmer feeling strings as they gain experience and skill.

Medium Feeling strings put more stress on your hands and arms while playing but often give the player a better sense of how firmly they are striking the shuttlecock. The medium feeling string is ideally suited for beginners who are anxious to learn but aren't wanting to endure additional stress of a string rated hard feeling until they progress and get more skilled and aggressive in the game.

Hard feeling strings are ones in which you will clearly feel the most upon impact as you get the greatest resistance while striking the shuttlecock. The hard feeling string can help improve your muscle memory faster, but will also tire out your arms more quickly. In truth, you can't go wrong with any of the three options. You can start at any feel strength and change as your comfort level and skill rises.

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