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The Significance of Badminton in My Life in Vietnam

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My favorite hobby in Vietnam was badminton I played badminton during my free time because it was special to me. I learnt many strong skills such as smash down, front and backward hands attacks, and fast movements, which helped to win the battles of single and double matches The preparation for competitions ofmy teammates and myself were fun. The coaches prepared us to eat healthy, stay relax and let us watched the YouTube videos about how to revenge with other teams in the competitions, I also made friends with new members in my teammate, and even with other teams schools team members, We grew up together in badminton, I appreciated those moments and people who were around me at the time I played badminton such as friends, teammates and the coaches I learnt many good skills, had many good moments in the preparations and made many friends.

Badminton was special to me when I was in Vietnam, First, I learnt many good skills in badminton as fast movements, smash down strategies; even front and backward attacks skillsi That was why I got into the school team in the election for the new team members I practiced those skills five days a week with my teammates after school in the gym We usually practiced fifteen to twenty-five hours a week We played single and double matches to earn more strategies to revenge the opponents in the battles. We also had a lot of fun times during the practices by the coaches. Sometimes, the coaches showed us how to use different attack drills in different situations as volley, serve, back and front hands attacks in the preparations, tool Secondly, the coaches always reminded people in the team about how to prepare before the competitions.

They always wanted my team to stay relax because this strategy helped each person in my team to have the heart rates and the brain stay in good positions. The coaches also showed the YouTube videos about how to learn different skills and how did people do in the badminton battles with single and doubles matches, too. Those people in the videos were perfect in the ways they moved around and how they responded to the opponents with serving and smashing the birdies with the pressures in the rackets. We practiced twice a day. One time, my knees were popped out one time when I was in the gym to prepare for the up coming competitions. Because I tried to do the backward smash down skills for the fist Lime, so I lost the balance My mother forced me to move out of the team, but I explained to her how important badminton was to me, so she didn’t force me anymore. They coach also helped us to eat healthy with vegetables and fresh meats, two meals per day, The fellows and I always did what they said to complete the healthy list together. Lastly, I made a lot of friends in badminton team and clubs.

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The fellows in the team became my friends in two days because they were nice and played badminton good as much as my leaders We usually played double matches before the single matches because the coaches wanted to see who got the improvements each week, so he could move them up from the prepared»players to the main teamst My friends and I often played outside of schools, but if we did, we played badminton the whole day together, We grew up as team together, We also grew up as friends and sisters, or brothers, too because we spent mostly of the times together in gym [0 play badminton. We also appreciated those moments and respect each other as single individuals in the team. Those people and those moments made badminton even more special to my life. Overall, badminton was the number one sport for me, I loved badminton since the first day I played it during the election of the school team in Vietnam.

I felt happy every time I played badminton with friends and my teammates; even my mother was against me playing badminton because she felt the sport was unsafe and dangerous .I broke my legs after my knees were popped out I explained to my mother how important and special of badminton was to me I learnt many good skills, as smash down and fast movements were the best things to have in badminton, I also had many good memories and fun times with the coaches and my teammates in every preparation before the competitions and I also made friends from other teams and other schools, too. Those three points made badminton even more special to me because they brought many good moments, people, and memories, which were good, fun, and special. [would remember it for the rest of my life.

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