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Thesis: Writing and Question

For me writing a thesis statement was one of the hardest parts of the writing process. I was unsure of how to come up with the idea for a thesis statement, much less how to create it or where it should be included in the essay. By following this guide for writing a Thesis Statement, my writing experiences have become more rewarding.

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First, the thesis statement is the main topic or idea of the essay. It should directly answer the question the writer asks himself or herself, and is a roadmap for the essay.

The thesis statement provides the reader with a specific guide to the writer’s argument. A strong thesis statement should show conclusions about the topic, indicate a point about the discussion, help the reader to see the main point of the topic, and is specific to show exactly what the essay is about. Second, to gain the idea for what the thesis should say if a topic for the assignment is given, change the topic of the essay into a question. Then answer the question with one or two sentences. The answer to the question will be the thesis statement.

If no topic is given for the essay, or if the information for the essay does not ask a specific question, then a question must be generated, based on the information given for the assignment and the issue chosen form the assignment information to be explored. One way to accomplish this, the writer must brainstorm the topic. Then narrow or revise the topic down to take a position about the topic by deciding what you really want to say. Review this statement and ask a question about the statement.

Another way is to collect and organize evidence and look for possible relationships, similarities, or contrasts to come up with a specific word by clarifying relationships of the topic. Explain what is meant about the topic, and then revise this information to make an assertation. Next look at the statement and ask yourself a question about the statement. The answer to the question in either example will be the thesis statement for the essay. The writer should ask themselves the following; Does the thesis statement answer a question?

Would the reader want to challenge or oppose the thesis statement? In addition, Does the essay support the thesis? The thesis statement should be placed as the last sentence in the introduction paragraph of the essay, the last sentence conclusion paragraph, and the last sentence of the abstract in APA style format. In conclusion, once I implemented this guide into my writing process, I found writing a thesis statement to be much easier. It seemed to become a guide for the body of the essay. By following the guide to Writing a Thesis Statement, my writing experiences have become more rewarding.

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