Essays on Psychotherapy

Essays on Psychotherapy

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Psychotherapy? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place. Psychotherapy essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Psychotherapy, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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Music and its Importance Essay

Music is one of the most beautiful creations of art. It has the power to heal our mind, body and soul by its soothing effect. Different people have different taste in music and it works as a therapy for them. Music aids in expressing ourselves. …

Words 3559
Pages 13
How Does Counselling Differ from Other Helping Skills

In everyday life people experience difficulties and problems that they feel they are not able to deal with on their own and need help with. The help that people receive to overcome their problems can be in many different forms. People may receive help in …

Helping OthersPsychotherapyTherapy
Words 1304
Pages 5
A Brief Comparison of Psychoanalytic and Person-Centered Therapy

Within the field of counseling and therapy, there are endless theoretical stances, each of which develops different perspectives on humanity and establishes varying counselor roles. Consideration of the implications of these various orientations is essential in the process of choosing the appropriate therapy for an …

Words 969
Pages 4
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What are the Key Elements of Counselling Theory?

In this essay, I will describe key elements of Psychodynamic theory, Person-Centred theory, and Cognitive-Behavioural theory. I will also identify the key differences between the above theories. I shall also describe how counseling theory underpins the use of counseling skills in practice. I will then …

Words 49
Pages 1
The Comparison of Sigmund Freud and B.F. Skinner

The Comparison of Sigmund Freud and B. F. Skinner One name that jumps out at the mention of psychology, or the study there of, is the name of Sigmund Freud. Sigmund Freud is also known as the “Father of Psychoanalysis. ” Freud was also known …

HypnosisPsychoanalysisPsychotherapyReinforcementSigmund Freud
Words 871
Pages 4
The Comparison Between Psychodynamic and Humanistic Theory

The Comparison between Psychodynamic and Humanistic Theory There are very distinct differences between Psychodynamic and Humanistic Counselling but both ultimately offer the help and guidance to discover why we act the way we do and why we make certain choices in our lives. Throughout this …

PersonalityPsychoanalysisPsychodynamic TheoryPsychotherapy
Words 2489
Pages 10
Back from Madness

The film entitled Back from Madness: The Struggle for Sanity is a full-length documentary that primarily provides the viewers an in-depth view with regard to the world of insanity that few people have ever seen. This documentary focuses on depicting and exploring the personal and/or …

Words 1021
Pages 4
Psychoanalytic Approach to Eating Disorders

NHS states that the average GP will have one to two anorexic patients in their practice. However, this is probably more, as eating disorders are such a secret, and many people do not come forth to be treated. Anorexia is a mental eating disorder, characterised …

Eating DisordersPsychoanalysisPsychotherapy
Words 1819
Pages 7
Psychological Profile of Elvis Presley

Analysis of Elvis Presley Deborah Cantin Colorado Technical University Partially Resubmitted From Phases 1, 2, 3, 4 IPs Abstract This paper covers a brief biographical and psychological profile that explores the subject’s childhood, work, personal life, lifetime accomplishments, and philosophy. In addition, I will discuss …

AdolescenceChildhoodElvis PresleyMotivationPsychotherapy
Words 3457
Pages 13
Analysis of Girl Interrupted

Girl interrupted is a gripping tale of a girl’s maladaptation to the challenges of life. The movie focuses on a young girl named Suzanna Kaysen growing up in the 1960s and struggling with the world around her. Suzanna is admitted to Clarmoore institution after she …

DiseaseGender SocializationMedicinePsychotherapy
Words 2169
Pages 8
Eating Disorders (the Black Swan)

The main character Nina Sayers has a sever eating disorder. In her attempts to be the perfect ballerina, she is both anorexic and bulimic. She does not eat anything and if she does she later throws it up. For example, for breakfast she was forced …

Black SwanEating DisordersMedicinePsychotherapyTherapy
Words 501
Pages 2
Reflection for “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”

Reflection for “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” Abstract This essay consists of three sections. The first section, a brief synopsis of the book “I know why caged bird sings” is presented. At the second part, three insights after reading the book are introduced. …

AbuseI Know Why The Caged Bird SingsPsychotherapySelf Esteem
Words 6869
Pages 25
Shopaholic: Addiction and Shopping

A shopaholic is a person considered to be addicted to shopping. a person who can’t stop spending money at the mall. A shopaholic is a person that loves shopping, and might even be addicted to it. Some warning signs of shopping addiction include: spending a …

Words 2994
Pages 11
Personal Reflective Account on Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) in Crisis and Home Treatment Team (CRHT) Practice Placement

This assignment is a personal reflective account on the use of solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) carried out during a practice placement within a Crisis and Home Treatment Team (CRHT). This assignment aims to discuss the importance of the 10 Essential Shared Capabilities, introduce clear …

Words 73
Pages 1
Psychoanalytic Theory and Tony Soprano

Soprano, the main character of the HBO series “The Sopranos. ” This paper will attempt to contain specific examples in the show where the theory applies and as such the psychiatric session between Tony and his therapist will also be analyzed with the purpose of …

PsychoanalysisPsychoanalytic TheoryPsychotherapyTheories
Words 52
Pages 1
Last Chance in Texas

Hubner, John. (2005) Last Chance in Texas: The Redemption of Criminal Youth. New York, NY. Random House Inc. Last Chance in Texas is an eye opening look into the efforts of the juvenile justice system to rehabilitate youth offenders and integrate them back into society. …

CrimePsychotherapySocial Issues
Words 1054
Pages 4
Were the American Colonists Justified in Waging War?

The colonists were in every right, aspect and mind not only justified but also it was about time that they stood of and actually take action against the British. The choice of going to war with them, was the only choice that they had. All …

Essay ExamplesJusticePsychotherapy
Words 436
Pages 2
Goal Statement for Capella University

Rationale for Seeking Specialization in a Clinical Counseling-Related Program I would like to pursue counseling as my career and become a successful leader in the field. I have always had a passion to assist people in emotional distress. As a qualified professional in the counseling …

Human NaturePsychologyPsychotherapy
Words 1258
Pages 5
Counseling Techniques

The choice of the counseling technique to be used in a counseling session differs from the preference of a counselor to counselor but there are certain factors that influence the choice of counseling technique, a counselor is likely to apply in a given counseling situation. …

Words 45
Pages 1
Motivational Interviewing Critique Essay

Motivational interviewing is a counseling approach developed by Professor William R. Miller, Ph.D and Professor Stephen Rollnick, Ph.D Miller is a professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of New Mexico and received his Ph.D in clinical psychology from the University of Oregon in …

Words 99
Pages 1
Dual Relationship Involving Clients and Counselor

According to Lynn M. Mayer (2005) dual relationships arise “when social workers relate to clients in more than one relationship, whether professional, social, or business a counselor. ” This is where a counselor and his or her client develop more then one relationship in addition …

Words 81
Pages 1
Outline and Discuss the Major Roles and Functions of the Guidane Counsellor

Within our Jamaican schools the guidance counseling programmes are designed to implement core principles as stated by the Jamaican school curriculum. Guidance counsellors are the ones who play the role of effectively analyzing and implementing these programmes which ensure that all students are well prepared …

AdolescenceCommunityEssay ExamplesPsychotherapyTeacher
Words 3576
Pages 14
Pastoral Care and Counseling

Introduction Pastoral care and Counseling is one of the important ministries in the Church at any place in the world. Our churches are filled with people who experience crisis, lost, loneliness, anxiety, depression, divorced, and family problems. Pastors have a huge opportunity to help people …

MarriagePremarital SexPsychotherapy
Words 5575
Pages 21
Occupational Adaptation Theory

There are many models that provide healthcare professionals with a filter in how they view and asses occupational challenges that individuals encounter. The occupational adaptation (OA) model is based on the assumption that the more adaptable an individual is, in an ever-changing environment, the more …

Words 1428
Pages 6
Counseling Self-Awareness

Funnily enough, doctors seem to be difficult patients. Some of them know that smoking is dangerous to their health yet they smoke nonetheless. The same is true with counselors. They seem to understand a lot of the problems of their patients and the people who …

AwarenessEssay ExamplesMindfulnessPsychotherapy
Words 111
Pages 1
Reflection Essay on Counselling Skills

That which is not practical can not be theoritcal either. Meaning, every theory must stand the test of practicability. What is theory after all? Theory is other man’s experience. This is the basic point a counsellor has to remember in his day to day practice. …

Words 97
Pages 1
H. H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer and His Personality Disorders

Herman Webster Midget was the first American serial killer the terrorized Chicago in the late sass’s, yet he was a slave to his own mind and his own disorders. Herman, who Is also famous as H. H. Holmes had two personality disorders that drove him …

Mental DisorderPsychologyPsychotherapy
Words 486
Pages 2
Personality: Carl Jung and Myra

1. Which personality type does Myra display, according to Freudian theory? Provide evidence for your answer. What caused it? Myra must have experienced neurotic anxiety in the presence of her husband’s “authority” as she previously must have experienced unconscious feelings of destruction against her parents …

Words 96
Pages 1
Alternative Medicine Essay 9

Abstract This paper is going to educate the reader about Alternative and Complementary Medicine which is also known as CAM. The paper will define Alternative and Complementary Medicine or CAM and compare it to conventional medicine. The main focus of the paper will be examining …

AcupunctureAlternative MedicineMedicinePsychotherapyTherapy
Words 3470
Pages 13
Pastoral Reflection Paper

After returning home from the mission field and going on staff at a Church, it wasn’t long before I found myself being used by God to counsel people. There was a lot of fear involved in the counseling, not from those who were being counseled, …

AnxietyEssay ExamplesPsychotherapy
Words 102
Pages 1
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Psychotherapy is the use of psychological methods, particularly when based on regular personal interaction, to help a person change behavior, increase happiness, and overcome problems.

Frequently asked questions

What is psychotherapy in your own words?
Psychotherapy is a type of psychological treatment that helps people suffering from mental health problems. It is a talking therapy that allows patients to talk about their problems and feelings in a confidential setting. The aim of psychotherapy is to help patients understand their problems and learn how to cope with them.
Why is psychotherapy so important?
Psychotherapy is so important because it helps people to understand and manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. It can help people to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also help people to improve their relationships, and make positive changes in their lives.
What are the 5 main goals of psychotherapy?
1. The first goal of psychotherapy is to help the individual deal with their current level of distress. This may involve working through past traumas, resolving current conflicts, and developing coping mechanisms for dealing with stressors.2. The second goal of psychotherapy is to help the individual develop a better understanding of themselves. This includes exploring one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to gain greater insight into oneself.3. The third goal of psychotherapy is to help the individual develop healthier coping mechanisms and problem-solving skills. This may involve learning how to better deal with stress, handle emotions, and communicate effectively.4. The fourth goal of psychotherapy is to help the individual improve their relationships with others. This may involve developing communication and conflict-resolution skills, and learning how to express oneself in healthier ways.5. The fifth goal of psychotherapy is to help the individual achieve their personal goals. This may involve setting realistic goals and developing a plan to achieve them.
What are the 4 major approaches to psychotherapy?
The 4 major approaches to psychotherapy are:1. Psychodynamic therapy2. Cognitive-behavioral therapy3. Humanistic therapy4. Existential therapy

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