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The Young Can Teach the Elderly

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According to common belief, we, especially the younger, usually learn many things from previous generations. Some even believe that the young cannot teach in turn the elderly. To my way of thinking, I do not agree with this idea in many aspects.

On one hand, I admit that the elderly has played an important part in teaching young men, and we benefit a lot from their knowledge. In particular, they have incurred and undergone many events in their lives; therefore, they have gathered lots of experiences, which are very useful for us. Time has taught them how to deal with problems and difficulties, and they can teach us about it. On the other hand, I feel we, the young, in turn can teach them about a lot of things as follow.

The first thing to mention is modern knowledge, especially innovations in technology, which the elderly can hardly follow. For example, we can show them about how to use the internet, a marvelous invention in modern day, which is quite strange to them. Similarly, the elderly usually are not familiar with learning foreign languages, like English, thus we teach them how to learn and use it effectively.

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Another thing we can teach the elderly is communication skill. As we can see, the elderly tend to limit their relationships, and they almost communicate with a few relatives and friends only. On the contrary, the young usually talk to a lot of people, even strangers, through using social network or chatting utility. Hence, they always feel happy and relaxed, because they can share their emotions and thoughts with many people. Moreover, they feel more comfortable and self-confident in real life’s communication, therefore may succeed more in work. All these things should be taught to elderly, whose timid characteristics sometimes lead to their failure.

To sum up, though the knowledge of the elderly is very large and extensive/ however experienced and wise the elder generation may be, they sometimes have to learn many things from the young. Only by this way can they achieve success in this new era. Vice versa, the young should also take all advantages from the elderly to be more successful in life.

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