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Which learning style the teachers should use to teach language

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Knowing pupils manner is really of import. That because it helps pupils to be active scholars. This survey purpose is to hold a deep expression in pupils ' manner in ADU and which manner they prefer much. Besides, which larning manner the instructors should utilize to learn linguistic communication and is at that place a different between the three manners of larning. Study was conducted in 20 respondents from Abu Dhabi University. The perusing of consequences indicated that pupils prefer to utilize ocular manner much more than others manner.


Learners have different manners, attitudes, behaviours, ideas, and positions. Everyone acts harmonizing to his ain character. Besides, every scholar has his ain manner to stand for or derive information. There are three manners that scholars use to derive information ; they are ocular, audile and tactile.

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Learners have different ways to derive information, some scholars prefer to analyze entirely and others prefer to analyze in groups. Otherwise, instructors need to be familiar with pupils ' manners because cognizing pupils ' manners will do occupation of the instructor more comfy. Besides, it will raise the pupils ' public presentation inside the category room.

Leaning manners definition

Everyone has his ain manner to show or get informations. Learning manners can be defined as several attacks or ways of acquisition. Besides, it can be described as an single behaviour, activities and qualities that appear on the scholar character when procedure of acquisition is happening. Actually, it is a sort of techniques that enables the scholar to larn in a best manner. ( Wikipedia, 2009 )

Peoples have different manners of thought and different ways of stand foring information. The word manner is used in linguistic communication to depict differences between people. Style can be described as single qualities, activities and behaviour that appear on the scholar character during larning procedure. Style has a major influence in different parts on human character such as personality, behaviour, knowledge, perceptual experience, larning and motive. I think that the scholar himself can determine his ain manner. For illustration, if the scholar has a weak personality ; he will non pull off to show his thoughts and take part with the other scholars. However, if the scholar has a strong personality ; he will be successful in his acquisition trip. Students with strong personality show high attending to linguistic communication. ( Robert, 2000 )

When I move to the college, I see different sorts of pupils ; they are from India, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Oman etc. Each one has his ain manners ; some of them like to analyze in groups and other like to analyze entirely. Otherwise ; learning manners can be different from individual to individual.

Types of acquisition manners

In this life, there are a batch of differences ; people have different attitudes, behaviour, intelligence and different manners. In larning, we have different types of acquisition manners. There are three types of acquisition manners, ocular, audile, and tactile or kinaesthetic.

Learners who use this sort of manner ; they normally learn information or information through seeing things. They prefer teacher who uses the chalkboard or the projector to present the chief points or the one who gives an lineation about the talk.

Besides, they prefer to analyze entirely by themselves in a quite room. These scholars frequently see information in their heads when they are seeking to retrieve something. Besides, they need to see the organic structure linguistic communication of the instructor and follow facial looks. In add-on, they prefer to put at the forepart of the category and avoid obstructors ( e.g. pupils head ) . Al thought, these scholars tend to utilize images more and depend on ocular show such as diagrams, picture, chart, and press release. Besides, these scholars use their ain imaginativeness to show their feeling like picture and other humanistic disciplines. In add-on, to be able to get information ; they draw symbols and images on cards to remember information when they need it. Besides, they use colour pens to foreground chief thoughts. Furthermore, ocular scholars use diagrams and graphs to ease callback. ( Suzanne, 2000 )

Auditory manner

Learners who use this type of manner ; they normally depend on hearing to get information. They learn best through listening to others, treatment, and verbal talks. Auditory scholars realize or gain significance of address through listening to tone of voice, pitch and velocity of the talker. Sometimes written information may hold small intending if they hear it. Besides, these scholars may get or profit from reading texts aloud and utilizing tape recording equipment. In add-on, audile scholars prefer to take part and interact with other scholars ; they normally pay more attending for the talker whether the instructor or a spouse. When analyzing, seek to happen for yourself an stray room where you wo n't trouble oneselfing anyone and read your notes or text edition aloud. Besides, you can utilize tape recording equipment to enter your talks. Al though, holding talks on a tape record enable you to fix for tests in a nice and easy manner. ( Shannon, 2006-2010 )

Tactile or kinaesthetic manner

Tactile scholars learn information or information if they are physically engaged. These scholars learn best by following the teacher motion inside the schoolroom. Tactile learners seem more active to follow the instructor organic structure linguistic communication. Besides, these scholars seem more active in they classroom, they set at the forepart seats and they take note without taking attention to grammatical errors. When analyzing, set at the forepart seats and take notes without taking attention of grammatical errors or composing uncomplete sentences. Besides you can pull images or charts to assist you retrieve information. ( corina,1999-2010 )

Taxonomy of acquisition manners

Learners use different ways to learn about any topic. Harmonizing to several psychologists, there are seven specific types of acquisition manners. In instruction, instructors should find type of scholars that they have and select the best manner which suite their scholars demands.

Linguistic: in this type, the scholars prefer to read, compose and state narratives. They show a high degree of memorising topographic points, informations, and names, and are ever surprising you in their ways of happening the information. Besides, they have a strong ability to remember information you have told them, word by word. These pupils learn best through visual perception, stating and hearing. Otherwise teacher should courage them to be more originative by assisting them to compose down words, phrases and promoting them to portion their thoughts with other spouses. ( Stacy, 2001 )

Logical: scholars are obsessed of mathematical jobs. They like to work out jobs particularly if they are related to math. These pupils develop logical thought. Their chief issues are how things work, why things relate to one another and why things are here. This type of pupils learn best by analysing, differentiate and happening relationships between things. ( Stacy, 2001 )

Teacher should courage and assist them by demoing them how to happen relationships between things. For illustration, what is the consequence of pollution? Some pupils may happen that it has a negative consequence on human being wellness and other may state it has a negative consequence on animate beings etc. By demoing them how to happen relationships between things ; they will catch linguistic communication and they will be originative.

Spatial: these are the imaginers. They spend their clip in woolgathering, watching others and remaining off from existent life. This type of pupils likes to work with colours, images and usage head oculus.

If you feel that they are less motivated, you can inquire them to pull a image and so inquire them to speak about it. You will recognize that they are more take parting with you, because image for them is everything. Teacher should courage their artistic abilities and allows them to show their feels, ideas, and thoughts by demoing them how to make that. ( Stacy, 2001 )

Musical: if you notice that you have a pupil, who likes to sing all the clip, so this pupil is a musical scholar. This type of scholar love everything relates to music, they prefer to hear music while walking, analyzing and eating etc... Besides, this type of scholars is good in detecting pitches, beat, and inside informations.

As I said before, they like to learn best through beat so teacher should accommodate his method of learning with their manner. For illustration, while reading any transition, he can set a vocal for them. This type of pupils needs the instructor to utilize techniques which are related to music. For illustration, to trip their memories, he can inquire them to compose a vocal about the lesson. However, music should non be devouring clip talk or that will convey bad effects.

Bodily: this type of scholars depends on organic structure to catch the linguistic communication. They like to walk around the category, analyze everything and they use body linguistic communication to show their thoughts, ideas and feelings. They prefer to play any sort of athletics instead than sit down and read a book. ( Stacy, 2001 )

Teacher should maintain them active all the clip by playing with them word games, have spelling lesson during football. Besides, he can take them to nature to learn about geographics.

Interpersonal: we can depict these scholars as a group of custodies that work together to finish a given undertaking. These scholars have ability to run in any societal state of affairs. They are more tended to hold a batch of friends and conveying them place. Besides, they prefer to work in group inside the category room and have unlimited patient for the others. ( Stacy, 2001 )

Teachers should courage their love for people and assist them to be with different types of people. However, parents should follow them carefully because they may face people that have different civilizations, attitudes, behaviours and thoughts. And conflict civilizations may do some jobs for these scholars.

Intrapersonal: are those pupils who prefer to work entirely and like rather topographic points to analyze in. They prefer to work on their ain involvement and normally they have a deeper apprehension for themselves. Besides, intrapersonal scholars tend to remain a manner from groups and wish do their best entirely. Teachers should follow them and support because they may perpetrate errors in any clip. ( Stacy, 2001 )

Kolb acquisition manner

Kolb divided procedure of tilting into four stairs ; the first procedure is cyclical procedure. It begins with concrete experience ; the whole procedure is based on experience. The 2nd measure is brooding observation, seeing experience from different positions. The 3rd measure is abstract conceptualisation, planing generalisations that submergence observations into sound theories. The concluding 1 is active experimentation where scholar uses these generalisations as theories to prove new state of affairs. Kolb believes that learning procedure is based through experiment. He says that the whole acquisition procedure consist of four phases: experiencing, reflecting, believing and moving. The scholar receives information and attempts to prove every individual portion. Then, think about the information and eventually seek to move on the information. ( scott,2000 )

Literature reappraisal

Several surveies have been conducted on groups of kids. These kids groups include Native American, Alaskan Eskimo and Mexican- American kids. Surveies showed that certain groups have strong ocular perceptual experience in comparing to auditory, tactile or kinaesthetic manners. ( Swanson, 1995 )

Another survey was conducted on kids from different civilizations to find their acquisition manners ; these kids are from African- American, Mexican- American and Greek- American. Study showed that Grecian American kids like to utilize audile manner and both African American and Mexican- American kids like to utilize haptic manner. ( Swanson, 1995 )


In this undertaking I made questionnaire, in order to cognize sentiments ' of pupils and about my inquiries or jobs. Then, I distributed those inquiries on 20 pupils from Abu Dhabi University ; they are taking different class such as Muslim civilization, professional morals and others.

Their ages are from 18 to twenty six. After that, I collected them and started to analyse them. Finally, I compare between informations which I found in articles and informations in inquiries.

Finding consequences

As you know my research negotiations about the three types of acquisition manners which are ocular, audile and haptic. I am certain that now you are known about these three types and what are the significances of these types. Some pupils have their ain manners to learn. They may concentrate on ocular instead than auditory which I observed on my study. Other pupils have abilities to learn by audile manner instead than ocular manner when they learn. Some pupils get these types and they use ocular, audile and haptic to learn better. They normally like to alter their manners of learning. They use all these three types to learn better and do learning procedure more utile and apprehensible.

I distributed study for 15 male and 5 female pupils in ADU. This study includes 15 inquiries that let me cognize their acquisition manners. These inquiries have four picks and each pupils select one or two. Before I collected their replies to analysis, I noticed that most of pupils in ADU use ocular manners of acquisition.

This chart clarifies the consequence that I collected from my study

From this chart, you can see that learning manners of pupils at ADU divide into three types of larning manners as followers:

  • Ocular manner
  • Auditory manner
  • Haptic manner

First, most of pupils at ADU use ocular manners of learning. I collected 181 points that 16 pupils selected from the different picks. In ocular manner, when pupils spell the word, they try to see it. When they talk, they dislike listening for long clip because they feel board. So they like to see images, waies, postings, diagrams etc to cognize thoughts, topographic points, etc. Besides, when they meet person once more, they merely retrieve faces instead than names. I found most of pupils at ADU like to learn through visual perception, pulling, utilizing graphs, and reading written direction that came with the plan. In add-on, they like to learn from books that has real-life narratives, experiences and illustrations. Besides, these pupils like to seek in web sites that have interesting written descriptions, lists, accounts, design and ocular characteristics. When they do something new at work, they like to see presentations, slides, or postings.

Second, some pupils use audile manner to learn at ADU. I collected 86 points that 4 pupils selected. These pupils like to hold feedback from person who talks it through with them if they have finished a competition or trial and would wish some feedback. Besides, they would speak about, or set up a talk for them about for illustration,

Parks or wildlife militias, when a group of tourers want to learn about the Parks in their countries. In add-on, if the pupils want to learn a new plan, accomplishment or game on a computing machine, they would speak with people who know about the plan. These pupils prefer a instructor or a presenter who uses inquiry and reply, talk, group treatment, or guest talkers. Besides, if they are utilizing a book, Cadmium or web site to learn how to take exposures with your new digital camera, they would wish to hold a opportunity to inquire inquiries and speak about the camera and its characteristics. In add-on, they like web sites that have audio channels where I can hear music, wireless plans or interviews. When pupils do something new, they prefer verbal instructions or speaking about it with person else.

Third, the survey shows that most pupils do non utilize haptic manner to learn at ADU. I did non roll up any point for this manner ; this shows that pupils do non like to seek or touch things that would assist them to learn. These pupils do non like to utilize the controls or keyboard when they want to learn a new plan, accomplishment or game on a computing machine. Besides, if they find person who want to travel to airport, town centre or railroad station ; they do non wish to travel with him. In add-on, if they have a job with their articulatio genus ; they would non prefer that the physician usage a fictile theoretical account of a articulatio genus to demo what was incorrect.

In add-on, the ground of disfavor tactile manner is non known. There are several grounds that show why pupils do non like haptic manner in ADU ; one of the chief grounds is their ages. Adults do non like to play or touch things because they show a polite character. Besides, clip can deter pupils to utilize tactile ; as we know grownups do non hold clip for these little issues.


The pervious surveies showed that pupils prefer to utilize ocular manner. Otherwise, do we hold to concentrate on ocular manner more? Each manner has its ain features ; we can non divide the three manners. Other surveies showed that learning manners are different from one civilization to another. Otherwise, these differences are natural but we can give some tips to raise pupils ' public presentation. I think we have to do a balance between the three manners. We should do the pupils love to utilize the other two manners by demoing them tips and bids.


Learning manner is the manner of thought of a individual to derive information from environing. Each scholar has its ain manner to derive information. There are three types of learning manner ocular, audile and haptic. In ocular acquisition manner a scholar learns through sing the graph, notes, diagram, and image to derive information. In audile learning manner a scholar learns through listening to other people. Last in haptic learning manner a scholar learns through touching things. The survey shows that most of the scholars use ocular acquisition manner to derive information, nevertheless we can non divide the other two acquisition manners because the three acquisition manners are related to each other. In decision, I would wish to state that all the three acquisition manner are of import for learning procedure, instructor or teacher should cognize every single scholar manner.

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