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Why Do I Want to Teach

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I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. I attended NYC Public School 77, JHS 127 & Alfred E Smith Technical & Vocational HS.

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Why Do I Want to Teach

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. It was in elementary school, that I received valuable training in singing as well as music theory and history. I marched in the drum line as a member of the New York Lancers Jr. Drum & Bugle Corps based in the Bronx where many of my instructors where themselves, public school educators. After 3 years with the Lancers, I decided to Audition for the Garfield Cadets, a drum corps from Garfield, NJ. Garfield competed on a national level where the competition level was very high. We captured the world championship title four out of six years as a marching member and one of two years as an instructor. We won the best percussion trophy twice scoring a perfect score for one of the wins. It was at Garfield where I began to develop very valuable teaching skills under the direction and guidance of some of the best educators in the activity. I have taught many young people in various places of different ages, races and economic position. Young people want to be challenged and they love to develop skills they never knew they had. Most of all, they love to play music. The benefits conveyed by music education can be grouped in four categories: * Success in society * Success in school * Success in developing intelligence * Success in life I can teach & train your percussion ensemble if one already exist, or we can start one up, either way the students get great training and information but most of all we have fun. We can have the group training culminate with a recital where the musicians get to perform live. Students learn a combination of marching and hand percussion techniques. It’s fun for those looking for a musical outlet as well as those who desire to study music in college. I believe that music education is a very important element to the development of a young mind

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