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The Super bowl & Doritos analysis

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The Super bowl Ad that I will analyze in this topic is the Doritos ad which played during the 2009 Super bowl. The target audience for this advertisement was in the 16-28 year range predominantly male. The product that was prominently displayed in the advertisement was Doritos nacho cheese tortilla chips which are primarily a snack. The idea behind the advertisement is not new, neither is the product that is being displayed as it has been in the American market for several years. Doritos is popular in the United States market as a snack.

The advertisement in question mainly targeted towards individuals and families with moderate to low income in the United States. However, the product placement during the super bowl ensures that the product is not only marketed to at least 90 million American consumers but also a total of 141 million viewers from around 232 countries watching it as well, increasing brand popularity, recognition and market penetration in several more countries by emphasizing its slogan “the power of the crunch”. The advertisement also creates a psychological association between the super bowl and the Doritos brand.

The advertisement this year primarily uses humor to create feelings of joy, pleasure and comfort in the viewer while associating it with its slogan. Viewers associate this experience with the product itself. The advertisement also promotes a lasting impression of the product using sexual imagery and shock/ awe moments which prove to be quite effective. In comparison to other brands Doritos does not offer a significantly different product in terms of price or value. However public perception of the product as well as aggressive marketing has made it one of the most popular brands in the United States.

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The Super bowl & Doritos analysis

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In 2009, the brand marketed the Do it yourself competition. This competition challenged viewers to create an advertisement promoting the product which would be shown during the 2009 Super bowl. In conclusion the Doritos succeeded in increasing the popularity and recognition of its brand in the United States and several other countries around the world.


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