The Story of Spanish Girl Who Learned the English Language

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Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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Life can be very unexpected rollercoaster. It was just another day when ten year old me decide to ride her favorite attraction but who would of thought this ride will take a huge turn to the United States Of America.

Venezuela is a place where little boys and girls just run around the neighborhood playing with other kids. This was me, just another girl with dirty hands, stinking clothes from all the running around and a grin on my face from all the fun I was having.

Imagine all this changing when you get a call and your father from California tells you "Hey pack your bags, your coming to the USA". It was certainly not a norm conversation between my dad and I.

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The Second I hang up my mind was spinning around with all these thoughts in my head... "Will I make friends?.. Will I like my school?.. Will I hate it over there.. most importantly will I ever learn English?"

When my dad picks me up I'm trembling with all this emotions im feeling. This was definitely the biggest rollercoaster I have ever gotten on. I'm petrified going into a completely different country with absolutely no clue what to expect. When I said bye to my mother, friends, and my country was vert hard but was it worth it?

Once I arrive to the one and only California stop, Im loosing my mind up to this point. People around me look so unfamiliar and strange. I didn't know where stood, it felt like I was entering the closet of Narnia. What stood out the most was what the "sounds" that were coming from people's mouth. I'm not sure I could called them words or sentence because I didn't I understood a single thing. It was terrifying, I felt like I was trying to understand what a dog was saying. "Elo aou ar juu"-" Perdon, papi que dicen?" My dad just nodded and told me don't worry you will find out.

My brother and I decide to sit in the floor while my dad waited for our luggage to come. Next to us was these two little blonde boys who were speaking English. I remember vividly saying I will never be able to learn how to speak English and not just that but even write or understand it. It just seem to difficult and confusing. Kids were saying things like "lee plei... da so fani.. hai lov it". I gave my brother the weirdest look and thought what in the world are they saying.

Here I am today, writing an college essay admission. Not only that but manage to get into honors English class. Who would a thought a Spanish girl who thought it was impossible to ever learn English is here five years later proving it wrong. It took many falls and ups but at the end the girl arrive savely at her stop and is ready to ride another exciting ride. I learn things are not impossible even if they seem too far to reach, and only takes to at least try.

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