Essays on Spanish

Essays on Spanish

A Spanish essay is a type of paper that deals with the Spanish culture and the culture of Spanish-speaking countries, their history, and their language. The Spanish essay examples you'll see below deal with exploring the important events in the life of Spanish-speaking people and how they have influenced their cultural and social life.

These college papers can be of any type (argumentative, descriptive, narrative, etc.). When writing such an assignment, one should research the topic, make a thesis statement that will be proved with facts and reasoning in the text, and create an outline to build on.

Even if it sounds simple, it's not easy for many people. This is why we have these Spanish essay samples here for you, so you can freely take any as an example and guide on how to write yours and get an A.

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We've found 19 essays on Spanish
The Life and Art of Salvador Dali, a Spanish Surrealist Painter

Salvador Dali It has been said that Salvador Dali is probably the most universally famous, and highly regarded artist of the twentieth century. Mostly credited for his talent as a surrealist painter, his efforts in the cinema and in photography are often overlooked. Intricate draftsmanship …

ARTLIFEPainterSalvador DaliSpanish
Words 2997
Pages 12
Antoni gaudi was a spanish catalan architect who worked during the modernism

Introduction Antoni Gaudi (25 June 1852 – 10 June 1926) was a Spanish Catalan architect, who worked during the Modernism (Art Nouveau) and became famous for his unique and highly individualistic designs regarded as beyond the scope of Modernism. As in the rest of Spain, …

Words 1364
Pages 6
How Successful Were Immigration Schemes in the British, French and Spanish Territories

How successful were immigration schemes in the British, French and Spanish territories? After the emancipation of the slaves, it was very difficult for planters to obtain a successful labor force. There were not enough people to work on the plantations and also planters found it …

Words 1395
Pages 6
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The Aztec Account of the Spanish Conquest of Mexico

Introduction Other resources: Aztec Life Mexica Culture Mexica Medicine Religion of the Modern Aztlan Movement Religion of the Mexica Don Hernando Cortes, who was accompanied by six hundred Spaniards and a great many native allies, at last could see for himself the temples and palaces …

Words 316
Pages 2
Speaking Spanish Has Always Been A Struggle

She played a huge role in teaching me how to speak Spanish. The only language she would speak to me while growing up was Spanish. As I grew up I never realized the method that was being used which was direct method until now. She …

Words 991
Pages 4
Failure of Spanish Armada

In May 1588, the Spanish Armada left the Portuguese port of Lisbon, headed for England with more than 130 ships. Since their discovery of the New World almost 100 years before, the Spanish had built one of the wealthiest and most powerful empires on earth. …

Words 1972
Pages 8
Case Study of the Spanish Retail Chain Zara

The Spanish retail chain, Zara, owned by Inditex is a retailer that has been so successful in our world of globalization and new technologies today by simply adopting a new approach in the industry. With their simple business model of speed, flexibility, and high fashion, …

Words 1035
Pages 5
The Spanish Inquisition

The Spanish Inquisition was a controversial time primarily during the 15th century. However, it kept reoccurring during other parts of history rather than only in the 15th century. There were many different methods used in which non-Christians would be tortured. Sometimes, the wrong people would …

Words 858
Pages 4
The Importance of Gender Representations in Spanish Cinema

The different works of art – from paintings to literary pieces – present prevailing themes in the society. They act as small fragments of a comprehensive historical narrative. These fragments, though fictional, are still able to reflect true scenarios, real life stories from which they …

CinemaHegemonic MasculinitySpanish
Words 1390
Pages 6
The Victory of Spanish over the Aztecs

The victory of Cortes over the Aztec was the result of certain military advantages the conquistadors enjoyed, as well as specific problems that weakened the Aztec people and made the empire more vulnerable. It is almost impossible to believe that a small amount of Spanish …

Words 436
Pages 2
Surviving the Spanish Conquest

Life before the arrival of the Spanish was very pleasant. My husband Maita and I, plus our two children, Tupac (our six year old son) and Urpi (our four year old daughter) all lived happily together in the city of Nazca. Maita was a high …

Words 616
Pages 3
Main Currents of Spanish Thought

Among the deep thinkers that contributed to the changes that had taken place in Spain during the last decade of the 1800s was Jose Ortega Gasset (883-1955). He is one of the most important Spanish thinkers whose writings examined the manifestations of culture revealing the …

Words 894
Pages 4
Filipinos Before the Spanish Era

Long before the Spaniards came, the Philippines was already inhabited by natives. And among the natives of the Island were the Negritos. Characteristically, the Negritoes were short and dark skinned people. They had curly hair, small nose and were thick-lipped. These natives were barely clothed …

Words 333
Pages 2
How to Make Spanish Rice

How to Make Spanish Rice Making Spanish rice is a fairly fast and easy process. It involves browning the rice, adding the ingredients, and cooking the rice. Before you begin you will need the following ingredients: cooking oil (vegetable or canola), long grain rice (I …

Words 803
Pages 4
Analyse the Pricipal Causes of the Spanish Civil War

Analyse the principal causes of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) Many historians have said that the Spanish Civil war was fuelled by political, economical, international ambitions and social conditions. The combat which was happening between socialism and fascism that dominated Europe, around the time of …

Causes Of The Civil WarCivil WarSpanish
Words 1040
Pages 5


What does ESAY mean in Spanish?
An abreivated term meaning "to argue loudly or angrily even when others are against you". EXAMPLE. Jack was total esay.
Is essay a bad word in Spanish?
Actually, the term "ese," originated in Mexico City as an urban slang that was popular among the children of the neighborhood. It could be used to mean "dude" (or "hey,man") by children. So it has no negative or offensive implications.

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