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Mental Disorder and Racism

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Racism is the feelings with preference because of your skin, color, wealth, nationality, religious, and many other reasons. It is considered as a psychological disorder that exists in families, societies, and countries. The most common phenomena about racism which we all heard about is the one between black and white Americans, for it began long time ago and remained until these days. This problem between them even reached to our children, for they start also being racist without knowing, and some of them would also prefer white on black.

For example, if you give your kid two toys one is white and the other is black, your kid will probably choose the white one, for he thinks it is better and prettier. Racism is spread a lot into our Arabian societies, and it is a disease with no cure. There are many bad results of racism in out societies. The bad effects that racism creates are discrimination between children in the family and discrimination between students in schools. The first effect of racism in our societies is the discrimination between children.

Many parents prefer one child or more the most, for they are the youngest, the prettiest, the smartest, or the eldest. They start loving one child the most, and they stop giving love and care to others unconsciously, decrease that amount of care and love, stop treating them well, stop giving them attention, and stop giving them their rights eventually. Another example is that parents might not punish their favorite kid when acting bad, but they become so tough and strict when another one does something wrong.

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At this stage, parents don’t notice how they are discriminating between their children until others start behaving bad, so they know that they are jealous. The second effect of racism is creating problems with children. When parents discriminate between their children, they cause many problems to their kids. This leads to create psychological and mental disorders with them, jealousy, envy, grudge, fights between their kids, violence, and it can also harm their health.

Kids start hating their brothers or sisters that their parents prefer, and they start thinking of how to harm them and make them have a bad image, so many fights will occur at this period. Children in their position will totally change with everyone, and they even become violent with the other strange kids. The most dangerous effect on them is the psychological disorders, for it is the hardest to deal with, and it will last with them for a long time if not being noticed early. The mental disorders will walk until it controls their behavior and attitude, and it will have an effect on the children on the long term.

According to an article, a researcher says “If the theoretical models that propose racism as a stressor are correct, then its effects on children need to be studied in the same way as other stressors that have been shown to have negative effects on health and development (for example, poverty, violence, neglect, abuse, and social upheaval). To assess the state of research into the effects of racism on child health and health care, a review of the literature was undertaken. ” (Pediatr, 2009). The third effect of racism in our societies is the discrimination between students.

In schools, many students face the fact that they feel some students are discriminated from other students. This action is caused by a lot of reasons such as the nationality, the relationship between the instructor and the student, and other reasons. Many teachers prefer some students because they are from their country, they know their parents, they are pretty, or they very smart, and they ignore those who aren’t smart or related to them in some way. Teachers start giving attention the most to them, give them more marks, become more kind with them, forgive them for their mistakes, and make things easier for them.

It is illegal to treat students depending on those things although sometimes the feelings of love towards some students is with no control, but teachers must be careful on how they treat their students equally. The fourth effect of racism is creating problems with students. When a student feels that there is racism caused by the teacher, they wouldn’t accept or like that, for it is unfair. Since teachers know that the preference between students is bad, they must avoid it, so they don’t have to cope with bigger problems.

Students start being hateful towards their classmates, being careless about their study, or become violent, and sometimes they start having bigger problems when this affects them even at home. There is no control over your attitude or behavior when there is a feeling of jealousy or racism, and students won’t be able to hide their feelings. The fifth effect of racism in our society is creating preference between different nationalities and religious. In our Arabian society, many people prefer specific people because they have similar nationalities or have the same religious, and you find this everywhere.

Every single person thinks that his country and his people are the best among any country, so this person becomes racist with no good reason. In our nature, we unconsciously prefer people who are coming from the same country we come from, and even if they are bad we still prefer them, but this is wrong and its cause is racism. To conclude, it was mentioned that racism is a mental disorder which has many bad effects on us, on our societies, on our kids, and on our behavior and attitude. There are many examples of racism, and it exists everywhere and in everyone, but we must be careful how to treat people.

The many problems of racism in our Arabian society are between students, between children in families, between adults in their workplace, and between relatives. Racism leads to discrimination which creates huge physical and psychological issues among young and old people, so we know that racism causes bad effects. Parents, teachers, and all adults must be aware on the way they treat children and students, so they don’t have to cause these bad effects on them. They should know also how not to make them become racist, and how to treat people well whatever their nationality, color, or skin was.

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